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CHICAGO / Chiraq: Say What? Colored Dude Talking Mad Gibberish While Trying To Describe A Shooting Situation On Live TV!

Indicted Lake County Correctional Officer Robert Schlesser, 49, of Round Lake Beach, IL dies awaiting trial

PHOTO: Lake County Correctional Officer Robert "Mad Man" Schlesser

One of two former correctional officers indicted on felony charges in connection with the death of a Lake County Jail inmate in 2012 has died while awaiting trial.

Officials confirmed Wednesday morning that Robert Schlesser, 49, of Round Lake Beach, died Monday evening.

McHenry County Coroner Dr. Anne Majewski said Schlesser was pronounced dead at Centegra McHenry Medical Center at 6:15 p.m. after collapsing at home and being taken by emergency personnel to the hospital. Majewski said Schlesser died of natural causes resulting from multiple blood clots in his lungs


Chicago Black Violence EXPLODES for December - Wed 12/17/2014 - 1 killed, 10 others wounded in shootings, including man, 18, hurt near park

One colored  man was killed and six other black folks were injured in shootings in Chicago Wednesday that included one near Jackie Robinson Park and a school, police said.

The shooting near the park happened at 1:10 p.m. on the 10500 block of South Aberdeen Street, said police spokesman Thomas Sweeney.

The victim was shot multiple times and was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in critical condition, police said.

The shooting happened near Jackie Robinson Park and Mount Vernon Elementary School, 10540 S. Morgan St.

A squadrol, an SUV and a squad car sat outside the crime scene: concentric circles of crime scene tape, red and yellow, a blue city recycling bin, and more than a dozen paper and plastic evidence markers.


Patrick Crawford, a Northern Illinois University Graduate - attacked and shot multiple times in Texas -

A meteorologist at Waco, Texas, broadcaster KCEN-TV was shot multiple times during a confrontation in the station's parking lot on Wednesday, and the suspect is still at large, the station said.

Morning show meteorologist Patrick Crawford, a Northern Illinois University graduate previously employed in Rockford, Illinois exchanged words with the suspect, who then pulled out a handgun and fired several times, according to CBSChicago.

Crawford is undergoing surgery at a local hospital. He managed to drive away and flag down a construction worker, who called for kelp, KCEN said.

The station was briefly placed on lockdown as a result of the incident.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cross Dressing Dick Sucking Faggot 26-year-old Gordon Lasley Jr. found guilty in murdering his parents

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — A Meskwaki man is headed to prison for murdering his parents.

A federal jury in Cedar Rapids convicted 26-year-old Gordon Lasley Jr. Wednesday.

Lasley used a machete to kill his parents at their home in Tama County in February. Lasley’s attorney tried using an insanity defense but was unable to convince the jury.

A sentencing date hasn’t been set but Lasley faces a maximum sentence of life in prison where he can suck and fuck all the cock he wants for life.

Colored Man Armed with a Handgun, Marcus Hubbard, can't use his arms due due to a spinal cord injury

Violin Music Please: New Jersey colored man who can't use his arms faces gun possession charge, stays jailed for months

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- A man who can't use his arms because of a spinal condition is being held in jail while facing a gun possession charge his lawyer calls shocking.
Bail was lowered Tuesday for Marcus Hubbard, who has been jailed since his arrest in Trenton in August.
Defense lawyer Caroline Turner said the case against Hubbard, who injured his spine in a car accident and may have Lou Gehrig's disease, "shocks the conscience."
"How could (he be) held for four months on a gun charge?" Turner said during the bail hearing. "He cannot move his arms. They are useless to him."
Hubbard, who's from Salem, has been hospitalized in protective custody since his arrest, The Times newspaper reported ( ). He wore a back brace in court on Tuesday and had difficulty standing, the newspaper said.
Authorities say Hubbard and three other men were in a car that ran a red light in Trenton and was pulled over. They say inside the car police officers found a stolen handgun in a seatback pocket and a prescription bottle of codeine. All four men were charged after none of them took responsibility for the items.
A state judge agreed during Tuesday's hearing to lower Hubbard's bail from $100,000 to $35,000. But Turner said she'll continue her efforts to have Hubbard freed without bail.

Father of at least 3 - Donatello Herrera, 35 - Shot to death like a rabid dog in Chicago

Your chances of being shot to death in Chicago if you breed welfare children is 100000 times greater than if you are a responsible working parent

A father of three welfare chitlings who was shot to death on his way home from his job at a fast-food restaurant early Wednesday had planned to spend the day preparing for Christmas, his family said.

Donatello "I'll Fuck Any Woman" Herrera, 35, was shot about 1:15 a.m. at a bus stop near Ogden and Western avenues when someone inside a dark-colored SUV pulled up and opened fire, officials said. Herrera was taken to Stroger Hospital, where he was pronounced dead of a gunshot wound to the pelvis at 1:38 a.m., according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

His supervisor at Burger King told Herrera’s longtime partner, Amanda Garza, that he had punched out of work at 12:45 a.m., Garza told the Tribune.

 “He was supposed to come home, and we were supposed to go and get presents and put up the tree, and none of that is happening,” Garza told WGN-TV. “Right now, it’s just a lot of crying and wondering what and why and what and who.”


Illinois Speaker Michael Madigan's right hand man & friend Illinois Rep. Keith Farnham, D-Elgin, is now listed on the Illinois State Police sex offender - He text he like sex with children around 5 or 6 years of age

This Speaker Michael Madigan handpicked asshole would view CHILD PORN while sitting on the floor of the Illinois house....
And be VOTING on Illinois laws and issues

ELGIN, Ill.  • A former Illinois lawmaker who traded in child pornography has registered as a sex offender.

Former Rep. Keith Farnham, D-Elgin, is now listed on the Illinois State Police sex offender site as a "sexual predator" who possessed child pornography of a victim less than 13 years of age....


United Airlines - Friendly Skies of Your Land - 1980's Great Commercial when you could use "AMERICA" as a selling tool

Blueberry Hill Restaurant - LaGrange, IL

I had a great lunch and experience at Blueberry Hill Restaurant in LaGrange, IL today.

 49 South La Grange Road, La Grange, IL 60525

Our waitress was Jill and the food was great!

You have to try the Mexican omelette! It was fantastic!

And out waitress Jill was as wonderful as she was beautiful! 

I stopped by there with my daughter and we both had an excellent lunch time meal. 

Negro Violence plagues Chicago - 4 shot on South Side, including man, 18, shot near park - More than 50 shot in Chicago the last 6 days

One colored man was killed and three other black people were injured in shootings that included one taking place near Jackie Robinson Park and a school, police said.

The shooting near the park happened at 1:10 p.m. on the 10500 block of South Aberdeen Street, said police spokesman Thomas Sweeney.

The victim was shot multiple times and was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in critical condition, police said.

The shooting happened near Jackie Robinson Park and Mount Vernon Elementary School, 10540 S. Morgan St.

A squadrol, an SUV and a squad car sat outside the crime scene: concentric circles of crime scene tape, red and yellow, a blue city recycling bin, and more than a dozen paper and plastic evidence markers


Village People Band gives Illinois Most Liberal Republic Senator and Navy Commander Mark Kirk a gay send-off as he retires from the Navy

Which one took it up the ass the most?
My guess is the winner isn't any of the Village People band members!

Liberal Illinois Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, resigned his Naval Reserve officer-ship last week, after having served for 23 years in that august body.


U.S. Racist Black Militant Attorney General Eric Holder: I’ve “Bonded” With Barack Obama Over The Years Talking About Racist Cops Targeting Blacks…

I am betting these two did more than just BONDING! 
Holder announcing today his new race-based rules for police officers.

TRUE NEWS USA - Photo of the Day - From the e-mail section - White man picking up a student at Mt. Greenwood Ag School wearing a "I CAN'T BREATHE" t-shirt

I am betting money the student he is picking up gets beat up daily for his lunch money.
I never had a parent pick me up from a HIGH SCHOOL!

Who put SECOND GRADERS up to staging Ferguson protest? Cop accuses the school of being 'anti-police'

  • The 20-odd group of students, aged 7 and 8 years old, protested on the sidewalk beside Alma Del Mar Charter School in Massachusetts on Friday

  • They held signs that read 'Honk if you want justice' and 'Please don't shoot me, Ferguson'

  • One parent – a local police officer – has complained and accused the school of being 'anti-police'

  • The school recently taught pupils about the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, but claims the protest was organized independent of them

  • 'I don't think 7-year-olds can come up with the idea to go out and protest on the street,' said Officer George Borden


Suspicious envelope left on a Chicago police squad car in the 100 Block of North State Street

All is cleared after the Chicago Police Bomb Squad was called to investigate an envelope left on the windshield of a Chicago Police Squad Car that was parked in the middle of the street at approimately 150 North State Street.

Police have not disclosed what was in the envelope but deemed it not to be harmful.

TEXAS WOMAN Elva Navarro SENTENCED FOR INJECTING LIQUID RUBBER INTO 30 BUTTOCKS because there is nothing worse than being a black woman WITHOUT a big giant fat monkey ass!

MCALLEN, Texas – A Texas border woman will spend three years in prison for injecting liquid rubber into at least 30 women seeking to enhance their buttocks. She made them believe it was Botox. Rather than enhance their looks, the rubber turned out to be a toxic chemical that sent several women to the hospital and killed one.
“Unfortunately the sentencing range on this charge only allows me to sentence you to up to three years,” U.S. District Judge Micaela Alvarez told 39-year-old Elva Navarro during her sentencing hearing. “If I could sentence you to more time I would, unfortunately, I have to follow the law and this this case this is all I can give you.”
Alvarez previously plead guilty to using adulterated products not approved by the FDA. Navarro remains under indictment in state court for practicing medicine without a license and for aggravated kidnapping for her role in the 2012 kidnapping of a college student.  Navarro’s attorney Terry Canales said during the hearing that his client was also looking at a murder charge in connection with the victim that died from the injections.


WW II AUTHOR RECALLS 70TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE - (Sorry, with hundreds of e-mails received daily True News does miss some good suggestions)

Sunday, in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, author and historian Patrick O’Donnell praised the efforts of the U.S. First Army and the 101st Airborne in holding off the Germans in the Ardennes Forest during WW II.

Appearing on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot radio channel 125, O'Donnell was asked by Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon how the First Army was caught so “flat-footed “ by the German Army at the onset of the Battle of the Bulge. O'Donnell replied that, for some unknown reason, the commander of the First Army by December of 1944 decided that he no longer needed the office of Strategic Services (OSS).
The OSS was formed during the war as the intelligence agency for the Allied forces and is the predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency.
“The eyes and ears of the First Army was gone by the time the Battle of the Bulge took place,” O’Donnell stated. He explained that the OSS were “line crossers.” Agents would disguise themselves as civilians and cross into German territory for five or six miles, gather information, and then cross back over and relay the intel to their superiors.
Had those units been in place, O’Donnell told Bannon, “the surprise” of the advancing German army with its vast amount of artillery probably would not have happened.
O’Donnell also explained that thanks to the valiant efforts of Dog Company, Allied forces had secured Hill 400 in a heroic battle a week before the Battle of the Bulge. O’Donnell wrote a book about the soldiers' valor in Dog Company: The Boys of Pointe du Hoc.
After capturing the hill, from the elevated perch, they were able to see that there was plenty of activity on the German side. They could see that they were mounting a huge counteroffensive. Unfortunately, somehow “the information was reported back, but nobody connected the dots,” O’Donnell lamented.

WHITE TRASH NEWS: Erika Murray, 31, Mom charged with murder months after infants found dead in squalor

It was a shocking and gruesome scene: Police officers in hazmat suits retrieving dead infants among “mounds of used diapers and feces” from a Massachusetts home back in September.
Three bodies in total were found amid the squalor at 23 St. Paul Street in Blackstone, a town on the Rhode Island border, and on Tuesday, their mother was charged with murder in the deaths of two of them.
Erika Murray, 31, was indicted on nine charges in all, according to Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early. Those charges included neglect, abuse, reckless endangerment, concealing a fetal death and even animal cruelty in addition to the murder charges. She’s being held on $1 million bail.
Her boyfriend, who also lived at 23 St. Paul, was also indicted Tuesday, but not on charges of murder. Ray Rivera, 38, was indicted on two counts of assault and battery on a child causing substantial bodily injury, two counts of reckless endangerment of a child, two counts of cruelty to animals and one count of cultivating marijuana. He is being held on $100,000 bail.
“He’s making absolutely no statement at this time other than to absolutely deny these allegations,” Rivera’s attorney Nicole Longton said according to CNN affiliate WHDH.
Father says he was unaware of the children

Dozens try to help Chicago Police officer Blanca Magallon who suffers from leukemia

Dozens of people showed up at a Northwest Side police station Tuesday afternoon to help save the life of a Chicago Police officer.

Blanca Magallon, 43, a plain-clothes tactical officer who works out of the 1st District at 18th and State, has leukemia, and needs to find a bone marrow match in order to undergo a life-saving transplant.

Many of her colleagues submitted to a quick cheek swab to see if they could be a potential donor to save her life, or the life of some one else in search of a match.

“We’re here to help a fellow officer out, and to help any human being out,” said officer Scott Konior, who underwent a cheek swab.



MECHANICSBURG, Pa. -- Someone is spreading holiday cheer by covering $50,000 worth of layaway accounts at a central Pennsylvania Walmart.

Manager Steve Myers said the benefactor showed up at the Walmart in Mechanicsburg before noon Monday with a cashier's check that barely covered the balances on about 100 accounts.

Monday was the deadline to pay off layaways. The store was about to cancel the accounts and refund the partial payments.

SATIREWORLD.COM Ex-nazi on trial for 29,999 murders has regrets. Just one more and he would’ve gotten a free SS waffle iron!

Former Ukranian concentration camp guard John Demjanjuk’s trial began today for the murders committed when he served as a Nazi camp guard in German occupied Russia.

Earning the title ‘Ivan the Terrible’ for his frequent use of torture, indiscriminate terror killings, and lousy knock-knock jokes, Demjanjuk evaded capture for nearly 65 years until caught living in the United States working as an prison guard at the Guantanamo prison.


Aurora Illinois (Story below this post is Aurora, CO) Trio of Colored Boys charged with slew of armed robberies in Aurora

Martell White, 25, of the 15000 block of Madison Avenue in Dolton; Charles Campbell, 27, of the 1500 block of North Lorel Avenue; and Derrick Glasper, 27, of the 100 block of North 23rd Avenue in Bellwood

Three men have been charged with a string of armed robberies that occurred in late October in west suburban Aurora.

Martell White, 25, of the 15000 block of Madison Avenue in Dolton; Charles Campbell, 27, of the 1500 block of North Lorel Avenue; and Derrick Glasper, 27, of the 100 block of North 23rd Avenue in Bellwood, were each charged with three counts of armed robbery Tuesday, according to a statement from Aurora police.

The trio robbed Payday Loan on Oct. 28 in the 900 block of East New York in Aurora, police said. They also robbed an AutoZone in the 1000 block of East Galena and a Marathon gas station in the 1700 block of North Farnsworth on Oct. 30, according to police.

During the robberies, the men would bind employees with zip ties and demand money at gunpoint, police said.

A vehicle used in the robbery – a white SUV – was captured on camera after the driver blew a toll on I-88 a few minutes after the men robbed the Marathon gas station, police said.


Aurora, CO is 5.6% Black but Black Seattle Police Assistant Chief Nick Metz is a finalist for the Aurora Police Chief Job

Assistant Seattle Police Chief Nick Metz is one of four finalists to become the next police chief in Aurora, Colo., according to a news release issued by the large Denver suburb.
Metz, 52, also was a recent candidate for the job of Bellevue police chief, but the city scrapped the search and decided to start over after the top contender from the Minneapolis Police Department withdrew his name.
Aurora is Colorado’s third largest city, with more than 347,000 residents and a police force of 650 sworn officers.
Metz , who heads patrol operations in Seattle, is one of five assistant chiefs under Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole.  He joined the Seattle Police Department in 1983 and has been at the center of the department’s leadership as it fell under a 2012 federal consent decree to curtail excessive force and biased policing.
O’Toole announced Monday that she is opening all five assistant-chief positions to competition in January, seeking applications internally and externally, including any submitted by the current assistant chiefs.
No timetable for the Aurora selection has been set, a city spokeswoman said Tuesday.
Here is the full press release issued by the city:
Finalists for the Aurora Police Chief Named
Four finalists have been named in the search to fill the Aurora Chief of Police position vacated by former Police Chief Dan Oates in May, 2014. Oates resigned to become the Chief of Police in Miami Beach, Fl.
The city hired Bob Murray and Associates to conduct a national search in May. The finalists were selected from a pool of 34 candidates. The finalists include:
Jose Bañales – Assistant Police Chief with the San Antonio Police Department in Texas.Bañales has been with the department since 1983. He has a master’s degree in management and leadership, bachelors in criminal justice management and is a graduate of the FBI National Justice Institute and the FBI National Academy. Bañales has held all ranks within the department and has worked various assignments over his 31 year career.
Fran Gomez – Deputy Chief with the City of Commerce City, Colorado. Gomez has been with the City of Commerce City since 2013, and prior to that completed 23 years with the Aurora Police Department, where she advanced through the ranks to Commander. She has a master’s degree in criminal justice and a bachelor’s degree in anthropology; additionally she is a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police sponsored by the Police Executive Research Forum.
Nicholas Metz – Assistant Chief with the City of Seattle Police Department. Metz has been with the department since 1983. He has a bachelor’s degree in general studies and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and Senior Management Institute for Police. Metz has advanced through the ranks to his current position in the Seattle Police Department
Roy Minter Jr. – Minter is currently the Police Chief for the city of Peoria, Arizona, a position he has held since 2011. Prior to that, he was the Police Chief in Denton, Texas for four years and with the Aurora Police Department for 15 years, achieving the rank of Commander. He has a master’s degree in organizational management and a bachelor’s degree in business administration.
Deputy Chief Terry Jones, a 35-year veteran of the department, is serving as the interim police chief until the position is filled permanently.
Aurora is Colorado’s safest large city and 650 sworn officers serve in the Aurora Police Department.

Assigned to the elite ORGANIZED CRIME UNIT (OCD) Chicago Police Officer Katrina Grey, 42, charged with shoplifting at Costco - 5 Bottles of Wine - It is alleged that she also fought security and attempted to flee the scene

(CBS) – Shoplifting has escalated in the city, and the Chicago Police Department’s organized crime division is part of a task force trying to stop it.
But now the 2 Investigators have learned one of their own officers was charged with shoplifting after an alert store security guard and cameras caught the cop in the act.

According to police reports, on Oct. 18, Costco security saw a customer at its store at 1430 S. Ashland Ave. take a bottle of wine off the shelf and place it in her shopping cart. She then moved to the back of the store, where security saw her place the bottle in her purse.


BLACK VIOLENCE PLAGUES CHICAGO - Another day of murders and shootings - 2 killed, 3 wounded in shootings since Tuesday night

Two colored people were killed and two others were wounded in separate shootings across the city's South and Southwest sides since Tuesday night.

About 1:15 a.m., a 35-year-old man was standing at a bus stop near the intersection of Ogden and Western avenues when someone inside a dark-colored SUV pulled up and opened fire on the man.

The 35-year-old was shot in his lower abdomen and was taken John H. Stroger Hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later, said Chicago Police Officer Hector Alfaro, a police spokesman.


'Good Samaritan' throws life preserver to Village Idiot in Chicago River

Paramedics rescued a man from the Chicago River early Wednesday after the man managed to stay afloat using a life preserver thrown to him by a passerby.

Seth Rems said he was walking home from work in the Loop when he heard a man call out that a man had jumped in the river between Madison and Randolph streets.

"So I ran over there and tried to do whatever I could to help him," Rems said.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Two of Congressman Luis Gutiérrez's Illegal Beaners, Aquiles T. Rangel and De Victoria Rangel-Cortes, busted with 1.5 kilos of Cocaine in Crystal Lake IL

Two Illegal Beaners taking up residency in Crystal Lake are facing criminal charges after law enforcement seized about 1.5 kilograms of cocaine during a drug bust over the weekend in the Northwest suburb.

Aquiles T. Rangel, 47, and De Victoria Rangel-Cortes, 40, each face multiple felony charges, according to a statement from Crystal Lake Police.

Police, along with the McHenry County Sheriff's Office and a Drug Enforcement Administration task force, executed a search warrant Friday night in the 500 block of Chardonnay Lane in Crystal Lake, in the couple's Section 8 Government Subsidized Housing residence.

During the raid, police recovered more than a kilogram of cocaine, drug paraphernalia, and "suspected" marijuana and prescription medications, according to the police statement.

Rangel and Rangel-Cortes, who resided in the home, were arrested and charged following the raid, police said.

Both are facing multiple felony counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and unlawful delivery of a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a school, among other I.C.E. immigration charges.

Rangel and Rangel-Cortes were taken to McHenry County Jail in Woodstock and were ordered held on $100,000 bail, police said.

Richmond, California Police Chief Chris Magnus Defends Joining Anti-Police Protest And Holding “#BlackLivesMatter” Sign… He must be related to "LEFT IS THE BEST"

Even better, the chief says he would be against police officers holding a protest to support Darren Wilson.

Via Mediate:

A  California police chief is defending his decision to join a protest against police brutality while in uniform (a move that earned him condemnation from a police union). Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus said, “I would do it again. I would like to be a little more prepared for, perhaps, the fallout.”

Magnus had held up a sign reading “#BlackLivesMatter.” He said he thought that to be pretty innocuous, since “the idea that black lives matter is something that I think we all should be able to agree on.”[…]

When asked if he would be okay with officers showing support for Officer Darren Wilson, Magnus insisted that would be wrong because his gesture was about building bridges; the other would be about tearing them down.

10 African American offenders charged in credit card fraud, ticket scalping scheme - Cornelius Mitchell, 40;, Kevin Wright, 40; Anthony Turner, 48; and Alonzo Gray, 49, Danny Jones, 33; Tyree Williams, 22; and Earl Rawls, 39, of Chicago; Henry Jackson, 54, of Minneapolis; Kevin Ware, 51, of Houston; and Ashley Dover, 24, of Kentucky.

Ten people have been accused in federal court of a scheme in which 3,800 stolen credit card numbers were used to purchase $1.7 million in tickets that scalpers sold at sporting and entertainment venues throughout Wisconsin and the U.S., authorities announced Tuesday.

The venues in Wisconsin include Miller Park, the Bradley Center, Lambeau Field, the Rave's Eagles Ballroom, the Marcus Center, the Pabst Theater, the Riverside Theater and Camp Randall Stadium, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney James L. Santelle of the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

According to the release, the 10 people charged in a 33-count indictment with various credit card fraud and identity theft offenses include four Milwaukee men, Cornelius Mitchell, 40;, Kevin Wright, 40; Anthony Turner, 48; and Alonzo Gray, 49,

The others are Danny Jones, 33; Tyree Williams, 22; and Earl Rawls, 39, of Chicago; Henry Jackson, 54, of Minneapolis; Kevin Ware, 51, of Houston; and Ashley Dover, 24, of Kentucky.

The 10 face years in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines if convicted of all offenses, according to the release, which does not indicate if or where the defendants are in custody.

Black Burglar Jenero January, 42, preyed on white owned homes in the Chicago Beverly Community

A South Side colored man was charged Tuesday afternoon in connection with several burglaries in the city's Beverly and West Beverly neighborhoods, said police.

Jenero January, 42, of the 6600 block of South Michigan Avenue, was charged with two counts of burglary, unlawful use of a weapon, possession of a weapon by a felon, theft of less than $500 and not having a valid firearm owner's card, said police.

January was arrested Sunday after he was identified as the man wanted in several burglaries in the city's Beverly neighborhood. When officers found him, he was carrying a handgun, said police.


How ironic is it that Gay Pedophila Catholic Priests have been raping little boys for decades and the church attempted to cover it up BUT Father Michael Pfleger can only protest about the GREAT BLACK HOAXES of "HANDS UP, DON'T SHOOT!" & "I CAN'T BREATHE"

Protests seek to clean up the dirt of injustice but NOT ONE WORD BY THESE ASSHOLES telling their people NOT TO FIGHT or ATTACK the POLICE!

Father Michael L. Pfleger, right, takes part in a protest in Chicago following the recent grand jury decisions not to indict the police officers responsible for the LAWFULLY JUSTIFIED deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Due to the failure of the justice system in the recent killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, we have witnessed an outpouring across this nation by mostly young people, but people of all ages, races and backgrounds.

This public display of outrage is the very best of democracy. We have not witnessed such a diversity of individuals in marches since the civil rights movement.

The protests put the spotlight on a broken justice system, on racial profiling, on the increasing militarization of police and the broken relationship between law enforcement and some of the communities it serves.

CLICK FOR MORE - The Tribune allowed Rev Michael Pfleger to write this pandering article & probably paid him too.... 

Can a viewer explain why the City of Chicago is wasting money narrowing the intersection opening of streets by 3 feet on each side with these cement boxes? What purpose, if any, do they have?

Photo: 59th & South Narragansett
Chicago Garfield Ridge Neighborhood

What is going to happen when a few inches of snow falls and drivers ruin their vehicles by striking these cement curbs without any markings. Doesn't anybody with the City of Chicago think??? 

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Los Angeles Mayor to announce on-body camera rollout for LAPD

Police officers assigned to the mayoral body guard detail will be exempt from wearing cameras

PHOTO: A Los Angeles police officer wears a Taser Axon clip-on camera on his collar at a Jan. 15, 2014, news conference on new on-body cameras at the Central Station in Los Angeles.

Mayor Eric Garcetti is set to announce today the rollout of on-body cameras for LAPD officers citywide and how the department will carry out this ambitious plan.

From the mayor's office:

"With this program, L.A. will be a national leader in the use of these cameras. While events in Ferguson and President Obama's call have brought this issue recent national attention, Mayor Garcetti's administration has been moving forward on the use of on-body cameras for over one year."

Advocates say the cameras will be a valuable tool for the department. The ability to record audio and video of police encounters with the public, they say, could help guard against officer misconduct and clear cops who are falsely accused of wrongdoing.


Chicago's ALL BLACK Jackie Robinson West Baseball Champs are CHEATERS organization claims - But if true will their title really be taken away? NOT A CHANCE!

Jackie Robinson West Broke Residency Rules, Suburban League Claims

PHOTO: THE ACCUSER: Evergreen Park Athletic Association vice president Chris Janes

The Jackie Robinson West sluggers from Chicago’s struggling South Side became national celebrities this summer when they hit and pitched their way to the Little League World Series and took home the U.S title.

But now the adults who put together the team — parents, coaches and league administrators— face allegations they violated Little League residency rules by stacking the lineup with All-Star ringers from the suburbs to create a “super team” that became champs.

In an email to Little League International obtained by Chicago, a neighboring south suburban league called on Little League officials to investigate whether Jackie Robinson West engaged in “manipulating, bending and blatantly breaking the rules for the sole purpose of winning at all costs.”

“We have very good reason to believe that [there] were several members of this team that did not live within JRW's boundaries and, per Little League residency requirements, should not have been allowed on this team,” Evergreen Park Athletic Association vice president Chris Janes wrote.

The Dancing Shithead Gets Fried, Well Done! 1/2 Minute Entertaining Video

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to address AFRICAN AMERICAN violence, shootings and murders in the city

Supt. Garry "Grabber" McCarthy is nowhere to be found....a sign of what's to come?
Below: Mayor Rahm Emanuel travels to the Chicago inner city to discuss how safe the streets really are... And although 96% of the shootings and murders are being COMMITTED BY BLACKS, Mayor Emanuel won't once mention BLACK VIOLENCE... He will call it gun violence or gang violence.

Tuesday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will join dozens of black community leaders, black faith leaders and colored folk experts from the Mayor's Commission For a Safer Chicago.

The panel is set to present a report and a series of recommendations to address youth violence in the city. The meeting will take place at 8:45 a.m. at the Chicago Cultural Center.

The meeting comes just one day after two men were killed and six other people, including three teenage boys, were wounded in shootings across the city. In addition to a handful of murders and 30 people being shot & wounded over the past weekend in BLACK VIOLENCE.

The commission is made up of faith leaders, residents and experts who have talked to crime victims about the issues the city faces.

Over the summer, Mayor Emanuel held a series of roundtable discussions, looking for ways to stop gun violence and bring communities closer together.


Parents Jennie and Matthew Keane have a new baby! Clare Elizabeth Keane was born at 10:11 a.m. Saturday - making her birth time and date 10:11, 12-13-14 (10-11-12-13-14)

Even more unusual, it was a white married employed U.S. citizen couple who had this baby! That's a long shot today! 

WORCESTER, MA - A Massachusetts couple is celebrating the birth of their daughter with a numerically unusual birth time and date.
Clare Elizabeth Keane was born at 10:11 a.m. Saturday - making her birth time and date 10:11, 12-13-14.
Parents Jennie and Matthew Keane, of Uxbridge, hadn't even thought of the possible numerical feat until a nurse at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester mentioned the combination.
When Jennie Keane started having contractions Friday night the time and date became part of the plan.
Matthew Keane tells The Telegram & Gazette ( ) "we were laughing the whole time that she was pretty close."
Jennie Keane says she's just glad the 7-pound, 2-ounce Clare wasn't 8 pounds, 9 ounces.
Babies were born in Billings, Montana, and Cleveland at the same time Saturday.

Colored Shoplifting Crew Busted - Because when you're black, you PAY for nothing! Dartanya Banks, Lonyae Barr, Derrell Cooper, Kiara Jefferson, Tenisha Triplett, Michael Shaw, Nicole Lucas, Ernestine Lucas and Tabitha Jones charged with felonies

BELOW MUGSHOTS: Clockwise from top left: Dartanya Banks, Lonyae Barr, Derrell Cooper, Kiara Jefferson, Tenisha Triplett, Michael Shaw, Nicole Lucas, Ernestine Lucas and Tabitha Jones. Bond was set for all nine offenders who were charged with felonies for retail theft.

ABOVE PHOTOS: The above group photo will be used for this years Kwanzaa greeting card.

Bond has been set for nine people charged in connection to a retail theft ring that managed to steal more than $21,000 worth of merchandise.

Four of the offenders -- Dartanya Banks, Lonyae Barr, Nicole Lucas and Ernestine Lucas -- were ordered held on $100,000 bonds. Tabitha Jones was ordered held on $75,000 bond. Bail was set at $50,000 and $30,000 for Tenisha Triplett and Kiara Jefferson, respectively.

Michael Shaw, who had been on parole and has a criminal history with three felony convictions, was ordered held on a $250,000 bond.

Derrell Cooper's bond hearing was pushed back to Sunday due to a paperwork snafu.

The group stole more than $21,000 worth of merchandise from various retail stores. They would arrive at the stores in a group, pull out bags and then fill the bags with merchandise.

All nine of them were charged with felony counts of theft.

Defense Lawyer: Case shaky against Career Criminal Black Offender, Xavier Devon Davis, 23, charged in the stabbing of white 22-year-old UMD running back Austin Sikorski because in the white eyewitnesses' eyes, all black folks look alike

There is insufficient evidence to support criminal charges against the man accused of stabbing a University of Minnesota Duluth football player this summer, the suspect’s attorney said Monday.

Xavier Devon Davis, 23, appeared in State District Court in Duluth on Monday for a settlement conference. His attorney, Jeremy Downs, notified the court that he will argue that there was no sufficient probable cause to arrest and charge Davis with second-degree assault.

Davis is accused of stabbing 22-year-old UMD running back Austin Sikorski outside the Flame Nightclub in the early morning hours of Aug. 2.

Downs did not specify the issues he will raise, but he suggested at an Oct. 22 hearing that there was little physical evidence pointing to Davis as the culprit, saying there was no surveillance video footage available at the scene. The criminal complaint also states that there were no witnesses to the stabbing itself.

Several witnesses allegedly told police that they saw Sikorski and another man engaged in an argument at the bar. The argument then moved outside, where witnesses reported seeing the man chasing Sikorski down the street, before Sikorski was found with stab wounds on Superior Street near Lake Avenue.

Davis was detained and identified by witnesses. He admitted that he was at the club the night of the incident but said he was not involved and did not know Sikorski.

Sikorski, a senior from Plover, Wis., suffered a stab wound to his lower abdomen and underwent emergency surgery after the incident, but he later returned to the playing field.

Sixth Judicial District Judge Eric Hylden ordered the defense to submit a written brief on the issue by Jan. 30. Prosecutors will have two weeks to respond to the arguments.

Davis is free on $10,000 bond.

Colored Love Triangle Leads to MURDER - Tequila L. Cole, 20, shot & killed Alonna G. Thomas, 23, over a unemployed welfare baby breeder man

A Milwaukee woman out to settle a score with another woman ended their fight last week by shooting and killing her rival, according to charges released Monday.

Tequila L. Cole, 20, is charged with first-degree intentional homicide and could get life in prison if convicted in the killing last Tuesday of Alonna G. Thomas, 23.

Two other women were charged in the case with aiding a felon on allegations of helping Cole get away after the shooting.

Witnesses told police that Cole and Thomas had planned to fight each other on the night of the shooting, with one witness saying that the two had an ongoing feud and that Cole's boyfriend is the father of Thomas' child.

Another witness said the two were "upset cause they share the same man," the complaint says. Cole also allegedly had threatened Thomas with a gun just days before.

Both sides arrived Tuesday night in the area of N. 29th and W. Locust streets, and after Cole and Thomas argued briefly, Cole pulled out a handgun and started firing, the complaint says.

Thomas, who was hit by the gunfire, fled to a nearby car and was taken to Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-St. Joseph hospital, where she died from her injuries.

Cole also fled by car, according to the complaint, which identifies 19-year-old Sabrina K. Lewis and 19-year-old Lakaithia M. Tinon as being in the getaway car, with Lewis as the driver.

Lewis and Tinon, both of Milwaukee, are charged as accomplices. Each could get up to 10 years in prison if convicted of aiding a felon.