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UPDATE: 2 deputies killed 1 shot & wounded - 1 civilian shot & wounded - Marcelo Marquez, 34, IN CUSTODY NOW - Illegal Beaner Shoots 3 Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputies & then car jacks a series of at least 3 vehicles after the shooting

California sheriff's deputy, second victim shot as assailant carjacks 2 vehicles, flees

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — An assailant shot a Sacramento County, California, sheriff's deputy and a bystander, then carjacked two vehicles Friday morning, prompting a manhunt as the assailant fled through residential areas, sheriff's spokeswoman Sgt. Lisa Bowman said.
Bowman said the deputy was approaching a suspicious occupied vehicle in a parking lot when he was shot.
"The person who was inside of the vehicle shot rounds at the officer," she said. She later said that "at least one shot was fired at our deputy, striking him at least one time."
She could not say if the deputy shot back. He was taken to a hospital but Bowman said his condition was not immediately known.
"We're hoping for the best," she said about two hours after the initial shooting.
A second person was then shot when they refused to give up the keys to a vehicle during an attempted carjacking, Bowman said.
The shooting happened around 10:30 a.m. in the commercial Arden Way area of Sacramento near a Motel 6. It prompted a massive response by special weapons teams and other heavily armed law enforcement officers from several agencies.
The suspect was described as a Hispanic male in his 30s and Bowman said he was accompanied by a woman. She said he fled to a residential area where he carjacked a vehicle, then later carjacked a second vehicle.
A park ranger reported he saw the suspects changing their clothing in the Carmichael area, a few miles northeast of the site of the initial shooting.
Authorities were seeking a red 2002 Ford F150 extended cab pickup truck with an ice chest in the back.

Registered Negro Sex Offender David Richard Wilson, 33, rapes 23 month old child and gives her HIV / AIDS also raped other children

David Richard Wilson, 33, was found guilty of the sexual assault of a child in 2005 and sentenced to four years in prison. Six years later, Wilson was back in court, accused in two new cases that, if proven, may have lifelong consequences for two more children.

Wilson is charged with super aggravated sexual assault of a child. The enhanced charge is because of the age of the alleged victim. She was only 23 months old at the time. We have also been told that the child is Wilson's niece.

A court document states that the alleged assault occurred last year. The toddler's parents are said to have lived out of state, had drug problems, and sent their daughter to live with family in Houston. The child is the daughter of Wilson's sister. 

Last November, the toddler was taken to a doctor, where she was diagnosed with HIV, genital herpes and chlamydia. Reconstructive surgery was performed because of infection to her private parts. A doctor told investigators that she had to have been sexually abused because of the sexually transmitted diseases that were detected.

Four people in the home where the child lived were tested. Only one, the affidavit states, tested positive for HIV. It was David R Wilson. It's unclear why Wilson was not arrested at the time.

Last month, a 14-year-old girl spoke to the Children's Assessment Center, telling a caseworker she had been having sex with a man for two years. She identified the man as David R Wilson and said she was pregnant. An exam of the girl showed that she was HIV positive, had herpes and chlamydia. 

Wilson was arrested, and is now being held without bond in the Harris County Jail. His first court appearance is expected to be Friday.


#Ferguson Negro thugs threaten to rape cops wife 10/22/14 at 8:36 PM CDT

Blowing Smoke Up The Public's Ass - Chicago Police to screen some CTA train passengers for explosives - Old white ladies, homeless black folks BUT NO ISLAMIC LOOKING TERRORISTS!

Some and only some CTA train riders will be subject to random baggage screening next month as a part of a new security initiative to sweep for explosives at transit stations, Chicago police and CTA officials announced Friday morning.

Starting Nov. 3, mobile explosives screening teams consisting of up to six Chicago police officers will be positioned outside the turnstiles at some transit stations, said Nancy Lipman, commander of the department’s Public Transportation Section.

Officers will ask passengers at random to submit to a screening.


Chicago Negro Violence - Stanley Bobo shot dead like the rabid dog he was.... in Englewood

Stanley Bobo was killed in a West Englewood shooting that left another man wounded Thursday night.

The pair were wounded in a possible drive-by shooting in the 1400 block of West 72nd Street about 7:30 p.m. Thursday, police said.

Bobo, 18, who lived on the block, was shot in the abdomen area and died at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn at 9:23 p.m. Thursday, authorities said.

The other man, also 18, was shot in the wrist and taken to Christ Medical Center for treatment, police said.

(Any relations to Jack Bobo, the one time drug kingpin on the west side?)

MUDSHARKING, the quickest way for a white woman to die! Negro Pimp Daddy - Daniel E. Neasom gets 27 years for throwing white low cost prostitute Cynthia M. Barnes, 39, out a window and killing her

Cynthia Barnes was a drug addict who supported her habit by turning tricks.

She also was a mother, sister and a daughter who had the potential to turn her life around, her loved ones believed.

But Barnes never got that second chance after she was thrown out of a third-floor apartment window on the Southwest Side more than three years ago.

“Some would look at your life and think all hope was lost years ago. You were never a ‘throwaway.’ You were never forgotten,” Mary Zavorski said Thursday, addressing her late daughter in a victim-impact statement before Barnes’ killer was sentenced to 27 years in prison.


FBI executes Search Warrants on Slanty Eyed Owned Chinatown Restaurants, at least 2 owned by famed chef Tony Hu

FBI agents executed search warrants at several restaurants in the Chinatown neighborhood Friday as part of an ongoing investigation, including at least three owned by prominent chef Tony Hu, officials said.

FBI spokeswoman Joan Hyde would not elaborate but said no arrests were made.

Federal agents were seen entering one of Hu's restaurant, Lao Sze Chuan at 2172 S. Archer Ave., around 9 a.m.  Manager Tommy Wong said he did not know what the agents were looking for, but they removed some "white boxes."


NYPD Stunner: Cops Exit Ebola Victim Apartment, Dump Gloves, Masks In Sidewalk Trash Can - Remember, we are prepared to handle EBOLA

If there was one theme from last night's Cuomo/De Blasio Ebola press conference it was 'how everyone has been preparing for months' for Ebola. We can all be reassured, right? Wrong! As The Daily Mail reports (and these stunning photos show), the police officers involved in securing Dr. Spencer tossed their gloves, masks and the caution tape used to block off access to his apartment in a public trash can.

This sure sounds like it was set up! Roach Scurries Around Chicago City Council Chamber's walls As Pest Control Boss Testifies & Wanting a Bigger Budget

CHICAGO (CBS) – A top Emanuel administration official was embarrassed Thursday when a rather large bug showed up while he was testifying at a Budget Committee hearing.

WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports Chicago Fleet and Facility Management Commissioner David Reynolds was talking to aldermen about aging equipment, when a very large roach was spotted crawling on the west wall of the City Council Chambers.

Reynolds said the timing was ironic, given pest control is part of his department’s job.

“I was mortified,” he said. “One of our duties is pest control. It’s an old building with lots of people in it, so we very routinely do treatments for cockroaches and other pets. We often just end up chasing them around.”



Embattled Judge Tracie Hunter was suspended without pay from her position on Tuesday, Oct. 21, by the Ohio State Supreme Court for her conviction on charges of unlawful interest in a public contract on Oct. 14.

She had previously been suspended with pay in January, when her indictment began. While the jury returned a decision on the unlawful interest charge, it was hung on eight other counts of felony, including “two counts of forgery, two counts of tampering with evidence, two counts of theft in office, one count of misusing a credit card and an additional count of having unlawful interest in a public contract’, according to the Cincinnati Business Courier.

The count she was charged on stems from accusations that she used her powers to obtain the medical records of a teenager that her brother, Steven Hunter, had punched back when he was a corrections officer in the juvenile justice system. He was fired for this incident. Hunter provided these documents to her brother before his termination hearing.

The Cincinnati Business Courier said that “The evidence in the tampering and forgery charges related to alleged backdating of judicial entries to reflect that they had been created and signed on a different date than they actually were. The theft in office counts involved alleged unauthorized use of public funds [through a county credit card] to pay for court filing fees.”


Ashford Thompson, Black Killer of White Police Officer Joshua Miktarian, Sobs & Cries like the sissy bitch he is, in Court, Sentenced to Death Anyway

Convicted of 18 counts related to the shooting death of White police officer Joshua Miktarian, Ashford Thompson wasn't so big and bad after all. He was left crying like a little girl, unable to own up to the crime he committed.

"The man who is accused of killing Twinsburg police officer Joshua Miktarian in the summer of 2008 appeared in court on Wednesday, and only Fox 8 News cameras were rolling as Ashford Thompson cried when describing his life in prison. Thompson, 24, explained to the judge "harassment" that he's had to deal with behind bars, including not receiving mail and having his bed sheets taken away.

While openly weeping, he told Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer that he feels as if he "can't get any kind of justice." "Just execute me. ... I'm tired of it," Thompson said. The appearance Wednesday at the Summit County Court of Common Pleas was intended to be a final opportunity for the defendant's new attorneys to file any additional motions.

It quickly turned into an opportunity for Thompson to vent. Thompson originally pleaded guilty to aggravated murder, but later withdrew his plea. The trial is scheduled to begin on May 24. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. "

As of right now, Thompson is still on death row waiting out appeals processes. Maybe Obama can grant him a pardon.

CLICK FOR MORE - Including the video of this piece of shit cop killer crying!

Murder of 14-year-old Claire in 1984 at Torrey Pines State Beach has been solved but both suspected murderers are dead - Police name Kevin Charles Brown, 62, a retired San Diego Police Department criminologist & Ronald Clyde Tatro, 70, as the murderers 30 years too late

One of the two suspects, Kevin Charles Brown, 62, a retired San Diego Police Department criminologist, was found dead Tuesday at Cuyamaca State Park east of San Diego. His death was ruled a suicide. Brown had been interviewed and knew he was a suspect in the killing and would soon be arrested. 

The brutal 1984 killing of a teenager at Torrey Pines State Beach has apparently been solved through DNA and an extensive investigation, the San Diego Police Department announced Thursday.

Both suspects in the strangulation and mutilation of 14-year-old Claire Hough are dead, the police said. Both were linked through DNA.

The teenager was in San Diego visiting her grandparents from her home in Rhode Island when she was found dead.

One of the suspects, Ronald Clyde Tatro, 70, was killed in a boating accident in 2011 in Tennessee. He had an extensive criminal history of sexual assault, according to homicide unit Lt. Paul Rorrison.

The other suspect, Kevin Charles Brown, 62, a retired San Diego Police Department criminologist, was found dead Tuesday at Cuyamaca State Park east of San Diego. His death was ruled a suicide.

Brown had been interviewed and knew he was a suspect in the killing and would soon be arrested, Rorrison said. He had no criminal history and an investigation showed that he had no role in processing evidence from the 1984 crime scene, Rorrison said.


CHICAGO NEGRO VIOLENCE: 1 killed, 10 shot in overnight violence

One person was stabbed and at least ten others were shot, one fatally, in separate shootings across the South and West sides since Thursday evening, police said.

In the fatal shooting, a 19-year-old man was killed and a 17-year-old boy was wounded about 7:35 p.m. in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side, said Police News Affairs Officer Janel Sedevic.

The two were in the 1400 block of West 72nd Street when someone inside a maroon minivan opened fire, Sedevic said.


Off-duty Chicago cop 'alert and talking' after shot during robbery attempt

An off-duty Chicago police officer was "alert and talking" after he was shot in the chest during an apparent robbery attempt early Friday morning on the South Side, authorities said.


Chicago Police shoot offender who just shot 2 citizens on 79th Street

Chicago police officers shot one of two gunman who killed a man and wounded another during a robbery in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood on the South Side, authorities said.

Four officers were in a squad car patrolling near West 80th Street and South Ashland Avenue shortly before midnight Thursday when they heard a "barrage of shots," according to Pat Camden, a spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police.

Officers turned down an alley in the 7900 block of South Ashland Avenue and saw two gunman shooting at two other men, Camden and police officials said.

Two officers got out of the car and began chasing the gunmen through a gangway. The officers followed the gunmen one block east to the 7900 block of South Justine Street, Camden said.

One of the gunmen then "turned and pointed a dark object in the direction of the officers," according to a police statement. The officers then shot the gunman, police said.

The gunman was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Camden said. His condition and age was not immediately available. The second gunman was not in custody early Friday morning.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

New York City hatchet attack by Islamic Camel Jockey leaves NYPD police officer in critical condition

An Islamic Camel Jockey hatchet-wielding attacker charged a group of New York City police officers posing for a photograph on Thursday, wounded two, one critically, before the assailant was shot dead, police said. The offender claimed to have had anal sex with the Prophet Mohammed.

The officers were on foot patrol when they were asked by a freelance photographer to pose for a picture on a Queens street at about 2 p.m., a New York Police Department spokesman said.

Suddenly a man carrying a hatchet charged the officers, swinging it and striking one officer in the right arm and then swinging it again and striking a second officer in the head, the spokesman said.

The remaining two officers fired their weapons at the man, hitting him. The suspect, whose identity was not yet confirmed but who was said to be approximately 32 years old, was pronounced dead at the scene.

A 29-year-old female bystander was struck by a stray bullet. She underwent surgery and was recovering at the hospital, the spokesman said.


So Many News Headlines, So Little Time - True News USA

RACIST BLACK Girl in class hits white guy

#Ferguson Michael Brown's Welfare Breeding Mamma - Police investigating assault and theft following argument between Brown family relatives

New York terror fears as crazed hatchet-wielding discharged Navy man with a criminal past slashes Queens cop in the head and another in the arm before being shot dead

San Francisco tour guide's racist rant through Chinatown

Colored Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal said all the Negroes of Ferguson needs psychological counseling for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) along with large disability paments

Hamas linked CAIR banquet in Chicago is scheduled for November 2, 2014 at Drury Lane. 
Click here to send your email to Drury Lane officials.
Twitter and Facebook posts provided below.

One common explanation for McDonald's woes is that low-income Americans are suffering from a sluggish recovery and unable to afford eating out at McDonald's any more

Obama's Justice Dept. 'exasperated' by local probe of Missouri teen shooting - They really wanted the police officer INDICTED and CHARGED

U.S. Justice Department officials on Thursday criticized local authorities' investigation of the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, saying the case had been handled in a "selective" and "inappropriate" manner.
The department's criticism comes after the official St. Louis County autopsy of Michael Brown, 18, who was shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, was leaked to media on Wednesday.
The autopsy report, obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and published on its website, suggested Brown sustained a gunshot wound to the hand from close range and came as a grand jury considered whether Wilson should face charges.
"The department considers the selective release of information in this investigation to be irresponsible and highly troubling," Justice Department spokeswoman Dena Iverson said.
"Since the release of the convenience store footage there seems to be an inappropriate effort to influence public opinion about this case," Iverson added, referring to the Ferguson police department's release of video shortly after the shooting that showed a robbery at a nearby convenience store, although it did not specifically link Brown at the time to the footage.
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder expressed frustration with local officials investigating the incident as the Justice Department also conducts a federal investigation, according to a department official.
In a meeting with Justice Department lawyers on Wednesday, Holder said he was "exasperated" by the "selective flow of information coming out of Missouri" and called the leaks "inappropriate and troubling," the official said.
Brown's death ignited angry protests across Ferguson, a mostly black community with a majority white police force and city government, and drew global attention to racial tensions in the United States.
Protests have continued since August and flared again on Wednesday night, leading to multiple arrests, according to police.
Accounts of the shooting differ, but witnesses and law enforcement officials have said Brown and Wilson got into an altercation through the window of the officer's vehicle after Wilson told Brown and a friend to leave the middle of a street.
Brown, who was shot six times, died about 30 feet from the patrol car.
The official autopsy released this week said at least one bullet struck Brown's hand at close range, suggesting that Brown's hand was near Wilson's weapon at some point. It also showed Brown tested positive for marijuana.
St. Louis County's medical examiner office verified the autopsy report but said it did not release it.
Some activists have said the leak seemed aimed at bolstering support for Wilson and has further strained the community.
An attorney for Brown's parents has said the autopsy was not surprising given witnesses accounts of an altercation at the patrol car.
Brown's family released a preliminary private autopsy findings in August. The Justice Department also ordered its own autopsy but has not yet released its report. [ID:nL2N0QO049]

Markham IL Mayor throws Sheriff Tom Dart out of town - After Dart scared all the residents by "searching abandoned buildings for dead women" - Not only did Dart come up empty handed, it was later learned that no evidence or clues suggested any dead women would be found - Dart was truly on a P.R. Blitz!

Sheriff Dart's wild goose chase of dead bodies in abandoned South Suburb properties comes up empty! Indiana authorities question why Dart is involved when NO specific information Serial Killer was in area. According to Markham Police source, Mayor was reportedly furious Dart was scaring residents and told him to leave! One Markham resident ironically even made a Gacy reference to the search which reportedly got Sheriff Dart very excited..

"We've been doing a lot of painstaking work, as have some other people as well, to look at the medical examiner's records to see where other bodies have been found and things along those lines," Dart said. 

Dart says he expects investigators to continue to search the area on Thursday, but so far nothing unusual has turned up. 

Investigators are bringing in specially-trained cadaver dogs to search for the scent of human remains in abandoned building sin Markham and Harvey. While they have no specific information that Vann hid any victims there, investigators are leaving nothing to chance. 

"We would be the dumbest people on the planet if, given what has come to light, if we didn't go to where some of the indicators are right now," Dart said.

You know it's kinda upsetting because, since John Wayne Gacy, and then Jeffrey Dahmer, and now here's another one," said a Markham resident. "So you just never know." 

Rich White Kids Dropping Big $$$$ to purchase the #Ferguson - DEAD MIKE BROWN Halloween Costume

Rich white kids are buying the #Ferguson Dead Michael Brown face mask for Halloween. The unnamed supplier of these horrible masks stated he cannot keep enough on the shelves. Many purchasing these dead Mike Brown masks are also buying a large plastic "weed bunt" as an extra costume accessory. Some are buying the #Ferguson police uniform so they can go as a couple - Ferguson cop & dead Mike Brown. 

TRUE NEWS USA - Viewer Submitted News Stories and Interesting Links!

TOP NEWS STORY: Blacks males are the leading cause of death for young black males & females

White Austin, TX couple brutally beat in racial hate crime mob attack

Michael Brown’s Granny street fighting 

Ferguson protest leader demands “facts” be withheld from the public - We know the Negro version is WRONG and we must stop the truth from coming out!

Drug dealers use food stamps like currency

Breaking: #Ferguson Negro Protesters Storm Walgreens

Somewhere In NY Public Transit: Pimp Gets Jumped By 2 Guys Trying To Talk To His Trick!

In Eastide Detroit: Big Girl Gets Jumped And Doesn't Give Up Outside Night Club!

Terrible Way To Go: Guy Climbs Up A Cell Phone Tower

Terrible Driver Tries To Smash Through A Gate

Costume retailer sells cigarette and marijuana leaf costumes for babies

Ferguson protesters march inside St. Louis County Police Department 

NEGRO VIOLENCE - Sister and brother die blocks away from each other in separate shootings in St Louis

Megan Mahoney busted for having sex with 16-year-old student |

MORE CHICAGO SUBURB NEGRO VIOLENCE - 1 dead, 1 wounded in Richton Park shooting - Anywhere the Negro goes.... DEATH AND VIOLENCE FOLLOWS - Colored Actor Henry Bailey, 32, shot dead and he wasn't acting either!

Police near the scene where two men were shot, one fatally, Wednesday night in Richton Park.

One colored man is dead and another wounded following a shooting near a Richton Park business this evening, police said.

Police were called to near an AutoZone store, 3650 Sauk Trail in the south suburb, about 7 p.m., and found one man unresponsive on the sidewalk and another with a gunshot wound at a nearby business, Richton Park Police Chief Elvia Williams said in a release. The man found on the sidewalk was dead, police said.

The wounded man was taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, according to the release.

Police did not give detailed information about those shot, but said both were adults. Police released no information regarding the circumstances of the shooting.

Police are working with the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force to investigate the shooting.

Yet another federal lawsuit slams Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart - Correctional Officers Let White Female Inmate GET RAPED in his JAIL!

Another shocking Federal lawsuit against Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart. White female medical student in jail on minor drug charge raped and brutalized as guards watched and did nothing according to 42 page complaint. Lawsuit seeking millions in damages filed by Kathleen T. Zellner who is top rated female attorney in Illinois.

According to allegations in the complaint, the woman was targeted by other inmates because they believed she was a snitch but also because of her skin color, calling her an "albino," "cracker" and "Yankee."

The complaint outlines several separate assaults, which began Nov. 23 when the woman was sexually assaulted in a shower by a female inmate who is facing a murder charge, according to the lawsuit. Two other inmates allegedly stood guard during the assault. The plaintiff immediately told a correctional officer, but no action was taken, she alleges.

The woman was subsequently beaten or harassed by other inmates during her time at the jail, the lawsuit said. In one instance she was deeply cut on her thigh with a razor blade. Her eyebrow also was slashed, her nose was broken and clumps of her hair were yanked out, the lawsuit states.

Staff also was aware of later beatings but did nothing, according to the lawsuit. In one instance, a sergeant is alleged to have announced to a room of inmates that the woman was a snitch.

The woman's two sisters — one an attorney, the other a physician — made numerous calls to the jail to complain. This initially resulted in the woman being assigned to solitary confinement, but by early December she received extensive medical care and was visited by a rape counselor, according to the suit.