Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chicago Police K-9 Bob, a 7-year-old female Labrador - says her final goodbyes to her handler/partner CPD officer Michael Walters as she is put down due to a brain tumor

Chicago police officer K-9 Bob, a 7-year-old female Labrador, said her final goodbyes to her handler, CPD officer Michael Walters, and other officers outside her home and the Niles Animal Hospital on Dec. 7, 2016. K-9 Bob was Officer Walters' first dog and worked in the explosion detection K-9 unit. "She was diagnosed over a year ago with a brain tumor and they didn't give her very long to live but she lasted over a year so that's pretty good. It's time. She's not there anymore and it has taken its toll. It's time for her to pass over that rainbow bridge and move on," said Officer Walters. "It's tough, it's very tough to say goodbye to this wonderful dog, but I just know it's time in my heart and I think she does too."

Update: Chicago police Sgt. James Padar, Chicago police Officer William Pruente and former Glenview Police Officer James Horn - Lawyers argue honest mistakes versus lies in police perjury trial

PHOTO: Chicago police Sgt. James Padar, left, Chicago police Officer William Pruente, center, and former Glenview patrol Officer James Horn face perjury and official misconduct charges

Were they honest mistakes? Or were they lies?

The perjury trial of three Chicagoland police officers that began Monday hinges on that question in a case that reopens the community's wounds about judicial fairness and trust in law enforcement.

And, as often is the case these days, there is video.

The June 2013 arrest of a suspected drug dealer in Glenview is, by itself, not noteworthy. But months later, when officers detailed the sequence of events at a court hearing, their own words betrayed them.


Due to Negro Violence Chuck E. Cheese's Says It's Leaving Oak Lawn, Special Board Meeting Postponed Village of Oak Lawn issues statement that CEC Entertainment has initiated discussions to move out of village.

Chuck E Cheese rather have the record reflect that they VOLUNTARILY left Oak Lawn Illinois than having the record reflect they were SHUT DOWN & THROWN OUT due to NEGRO VIOLENCE

OAK LAWN, IL -- The Oak Lawn Village Board’s special meeting scheduled for Wednesday has been postponed. Village board members had planned to meet to discuss if the village should move forward to begin disciplinary proceedings against Chuck E. Cheese’s for possible suspension or revocation of the restaurant’s business license.
According to a written statement issued by the Village of Oak LawnCEC Entertainment, the Texas-based corporate owner of Chuck E. Cheese, contacted the village to say it has initiated discussions to move out of Oak Lawn.
“In light of this, the Village is presently working out an agreement that will make the process as expeditious as possible prior to calling for further disciplinary proceedings,” the village’s statement said.
The troubled Oak Lawn restaurant at 4031 W. 95th St. has been the scene of numerous physical and verbal altercations throughout the years. The most recent incident happened Saturday, Dec. 10, when a patron was shot in traffic in Evergreen Park after he told police he had left the restaurant.
The special board meeting had been called by Mayor Sandra Bury and Tr. Terry Vorderer (Dist. 4).


Notwithstanding the business is Chuck E Cheese... What would think would happen if a business in a BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD was shut down due to WHITE VIOLENCE & CRIME? We have a business in the predominantly white neighborhood of Oak Lawn / Evergreen Park that is being shut down directly due to NEGRO VIOLENCE AND CRIME.... A not a word is said about BLACKS or RACE in any media stories. 

WAUKEGAN IL - Illegal Beaner Santos L. Martinez, 18, wanted for dragging police officer with his car

President Donald J Trump BUILD THAT WALL NOW!

WAUKEGAN, IL - Police in Waukegan have obtained a warrant and are on the lookout for a man accused of dragging a police officer with a stolen car over the weekend.

The Waukegan Police Department posted on social media Wednesday that they are "actively" looking for Santos L. Martinez, 18, who is wanted on $250,000 warrants for aggravated battery to a police officer and resisting arrest.

Police say Martinez injured a police officer by dragging him with the vehicle outside a BP gas station on Grand Avenue on Saturday while attempting to flee, according to a report in the Lake County News-Sun.

Videos from the scene show the officer trying to get the driver out of the car by smashing a window and the car taking off after the officer ran toward it and attempted to get in. The officer was hanging onto the door when the vehicle fled.

The News-Sun reports Martinez has an arrest history that includes a guilty verdict for vehicle theft and a resisting police charge that was dropped.

Police say they consider Martinez to be dangerous. He is described as 5'09" and about 190 pounds.

Anyone who knows where he is should call the department's tip line at 847-360-9001.

Change the name of the ILLINOIS LOTTERY to the Illegal Alien Lottery - Rash of non-Americans winning $1,000,000.00 prizes = Ray Hermez instantly won $1,000,000

I have this strange feeling somebody on the inside of the Illinois Lottery is tipping off illegals where to go to buy winning tickets

SKOKIE, IL - A Skokie man hit the jackpot on an Illinois Lottery 'Fabulous Fortune' ticket recently.

Lottery officials have confirmed that Ray Hermez instantly won $1,000,000 - the top prize possible on the game - when he scratched off the ticket he purchased at the Shell at 5132 Dempster Ave. in Skokie.

Hermez, a 48-year-old who has lived in Skokie for 14 years, was at home and used a penny to scratch off the ticket, which only cost him $20 to buy.

“I plan to use this money to help my family,” he said.

The Shell station that sold Hermez the ticket will be awarded 10 percent of the win, which is standard practice for any large Lottery sum.

City Of Chicago Working Around Clock To Clear 18 Inches Of Bullet Casings From Inner City Black Crime Plagued Streets

With cartridge accumulations reaching two feet or more in some areas, experts say Chicago is on track for the highest annual ammunition-depth total on record.

CHICAGO—Promising that every effort would be made to limit the impact on residents’ day-to-day lives, Chicago officials announced Wednesday that a fleet of plows was working around the clock to clear more than 18 inches of fresh bullet casings that had blanketed the metropolitan area overnight.
Sources at the city’s Department of Streets and Sanitation confirmed that over 250 ammunition-removal vehicles had been deployed to deal with the knee-deep layer of spent cartridges, which have been steadily accumulating on Chicago’s streets, alleys, and pedestrian walkways since the previous evening.
“Our crews have been out there all night trying to make our roadways passable, but given how quickly the handgun and semi-automatic shells have piled up, it’s going to take some time,” DSS commissioner Charles L. Williams told reporters, thanking the public for its patience while crews made their way across the stricken municipality. “We’re making good headway, but as you can imagine, it’s not an easy job, especially with casings continuing to fall throughout the city.”
“So unless you have an emergency, we’re urging all citizens to stay put for the time being,” he added. “Right now, it’s just not safe to be out in such treacherous conditions.”
Williams stated that as casing levels surpassed 12 inches, scores of extra workers from outside the city were called in to help keep pace with the buildup. In addition, numerous dump truck crews have reportedly been tasked with carting off entire trailers full of cartridges from the hardest-hit areas and depositing them in nearby landfills before circling back to pick up more.
According to sources, by the morning rush hour, over 300 public and private schools in the Chicago area had been either closed or delayed due to concerns over the large amounts of ammunition covering the city. Citing increased hazards, officials further advised residents to stay off back streets and avoid venturing out at night.
“Man, it’s brutal out there,” said Paul Bergeron, 34, a resident of the Lawndale neighborhood on Chicago’s West Side, showing reporters where plows had piled up over nine feet of empty casings in the parking lot of the grocery store across from his apartment. “I ran out to Walgreens, and on my way back, I nearly took a spill trudging through all the .40-caliber shells—I just wanted to get home as quickly as possible.”
“Growing up in Kansas, I never saw anything nearly like this, but it is what it is,” he continued. “When you’re living here, you learn to deal with the bullets and adjust your life accordingly.”
Some locals, however, have complained that the areas receiving priority attention from the city’s plows were not consistent with those that had been most severely affected. In Chicago’s western and southern neighborhoods, for example, eyewitnesses reported that cartridges had risen as high as some first-floor windows, making it difficult for the occupants to even open their front doors.
“The plows always seem to get to the rich neighborhoods first, that’s for sure,” said Gloria Hawkins, 53, a lifelong resident of the South Side community of Auburn Gresham. “Down here, you have no choice but to go out there into the ammo and shovel your car out yourself. It can be pretty frustrating when things are really bad out, because by the time you finish clearing the walk in front of your house, there’s already an inch or two of fresh bullet casings piling up where you started.”
“But we’ll get through it, just like we always do,” Hawkins continued. “This city is very much used to this sort of thing.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel & his personal fluffer CPS CEO Forrest Claypool claim TRANSPARENCY in government, till it is about their own CORRUPTION - Nicholas J. Schuler, inspector general for the Chicago Public Schools, blasts CPS for impeding corruption investigation

In an unusually public and blunt airing of a grievance, the Chicago Public Schools’ inspector general blasted CPS officials for impeding his investigation into “possible ethics violations” by the school system’s top lawyer.

Inspector General Nicholas Schuler began the investigation last summer, after the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Chicago Board of Education had hired a law firm where schools CEO Forrest Claypool and his general counsel, Ronald Marmer, formerly worked.


UPDATE: One Police Officer is Dead - Feral Negro Minguell Kennedy Lembrick shoots 2 Police Officers in Americus GA - Manhunt & Dragnet Underway

Police Officers from the Americus Police Department and the Georgia Southwestern State University Police Department were both shot Wednesday

Two law enforcement officers in Southwest Georgia were shot Wednesday morning near a state university, and the gunman responsible is still at large, authorities said. The suspect was identified by authorities as 32-year-old Minguell Kennedy Lembrick.

Lembrick, pictured above, stands 6-feet, 1-inch tall and weighs 170 pounds, the Albany Police Department said in a Facebook post.

He allegedly shot one officer from the Americus Police Department and another from the campus police department at Georgia Southwestern State University, a local college, before fleeing the scene.

“We have two officers that have been shot this morning,” Chief Mark Scott of the Americus Police Department said Wednesday morning, according to the Albany Herald. “One was from the Americus Police Department and one was from the Georgia Southwestern State University Police Department. It happened at Country Club Estates apartments about half an hour ago.”


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel To Grovel To Donald J Trump In New York


CHICAGO  — A few weeks after speaking to President-elect Donald Trump about the White House transition, Mayor Rahm Emanuel was scheduled to meet with Trump in New York.

Earlier this week, the mayor confirmed Trump called him after winning the race for president, because of Emanuel’s experience as a top adviser to two presidents.

“The president-elect is aware, obviously, I’ve worked for two presidents in different positions – a senior adviser for President Clinton, chief of staff for President Obama – and I’ve worked on their transitions. I think you also know that we talked about a host of things, a host of issues,” Emanuel said.

Trump and Emanuel will have a chance to continue that conversation on Wednesday when Emanuel is in New York for a series of other meetings, according to Emanuel spokesman Adam Collins.

“When they spoke a few weeks ago the President-elect asked for a meeting with the Mayor, as he has done with others who have significant experience in the White House and several other big city mayors,” Collins said in an email.

The two will meet at 9 a.m. Chicago time.

Diversity is so wonderful – more “Muslimes" are needed to complete the process here in the U.S. & Europe! Five Afghan teenagers are arrested after a boy is gang-ass-raped at knifepoint for more than an hour in a forest in Sweden

Five Afghan teenagers have been arrested after a boy was gang-raped at knifepoint in a forest in Sweden, it has emerged.

The victim, who is under 15, was filmed during the attack, which happened in woodland in Uppsala, south east Sweden.

He was beaten and dragged out to the forest at knifepoint before being subjected to an ordeal lasting more than an hour, prosecutors say.


As President Obama goes around the world apologizing for America..... Japanese Prime Minister Says He Won’t Apologize For Pearl Harbor Slanty Eyed Sneaky Attack…

Obama issues preemptive apology in 3… 2… 1…
Via Fox News:
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe won’t apologize for Japan’s attack when he visits the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor later this month, the government spokesman said Tuesday.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that “the purpose of the upcoming visit is to pay respects for the war dead and not to offer an apology.”
Abe announced late Monday that he would have a summit meeting with President Barack Obama in Hawaii and visit Pearl Harbor. He will be the first Japanese leader to go to the site of the Japanese attack that propelled the United States into World War II.
The unexpected announcement came two days before the 75th anniversary of the attack and six months after Obama became the first sitting American president to visit Hiroshima for victims of the U.S. atomic bombing of that city at the end of the same war.|

TRUE NEWS USA - Bad News - Good News

LeBron James and Teammates Will Boycott Trump-Branded Team Hotel When Playing in New York…

SJWs everywhere swoon uncontrollably.
Via Slate:
The Cleveland Cavs have made alternative accommodation arrangements for its players that do not want to stay at the team hotel, the Trump SoHo, when the team plays the New York Knicks this season, the team general manager David Griffin Griffin said it’s not totally clear how many of the team’s 14-man traveling squad will boycott the Trump hotel, which was booked before the election, but the team expects LeBron James and “upwards of half the team” to stay elsewhere.
James endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and some of his Cavs teammates, most vocally Iman Shumpert, have said they would consider not going to the White House for the traditional champions celebration, if they won another title during a Trump presidency.  Three other teams—the Dallas Mavericks, the Milwuakee Bucks, and the Memphis Grizzlies—have indicated they will avoid using Trump-branded properties on the road.
The first of two meetings between the Cavs and the Knicks in New York City is Wednesday

Overnight Open Thread: One Small Interaction…

It's 1 small interaction, w/ 1 person and a police officer…that happens every day. So proud of our great city. Thanks again
— Commissioner O'Neill (@NYPDONeill) December 7, 2016

Here’s how much the Obama family has spent on vacations over the last eight years

Over the past eight years, President Barack Obama and his family have spent more than $10 million a year for travel and vacations, totaling in excess of $85 million — and the number is still growing.
The numbers were revealed Monday by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. The organization has been tracking the president’s travel spending for several years and just disclosed, based on bills it received this week, that the first family spent almost $5 million in taxpayer money for their annual Christmas vacation to Hawaii last year.

The Obamas, who will officially move out of the White House on Jan. 20, are expected to leave soon for their annual Christmas trip, which last year lasted from Dec. 18 to Jan. 3.

The exact number for the 2015 holiday trip rang in at $4,823,206.88, which accounted for a robust U.S. Secret Service apparatus, flights and transportation and lodging for the security officials. That number does not include the costs for prepositioning aircraft and ships in the area or much of the necessary communications to protect the president and his family.

“The Secret Service and the Air Force are being abused by unnecessary travel,” Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said in a statement on the matter. “Unnecessary presidential travel for fundraising and luxury vacations on the taxpayers’ dime would be a good target for reform for the incoming Trump administration.”
From the Judicial Watch report:
According to bills obtained by Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Secret Service also paid for rooms at the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki and Golf Club.  The Secret Service also reserved rooms at the Moana Surfrider resort on Waikiki Beach, and the Ala Moana Hotel, which cost a total of $40,249.48 and $671,895.99, respectively.

The Secret Service rented cars from Avis, Alamo, and Hertz — 103 cars for the two-week vacation, totaling $165,893.88 in taxpayer money.

Reportedly, the Obamas stayed at the Hale Reena Estate, which “rents for anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 a night, depending on the season.”

The first family also dined at several top-of-the-line restaurants while they were on the trip, which — in addition to the fees for the food — required presidential-level security.

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the information in January and the documents were released in response to a lawsuit filed on May 6.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart: Feral Black Wildebeest Vivian McGee, 31, ESCAPES FROM CUSTODY

MARKHAM, IL — A Cook County jail inmate escaped from custody after slipping out of her handcuffs and skipping out of the Markham courthouse, NBC 5 has reported.
Vivian McGee, 31, was arrested and jailed on a driving under the influence charge Saturday. McGee was reportedly brought to the suburban courthouse for a Tuesday morning hearing but made her getaway while in a staging area behind the courtroom.
The sheriff’s office does not consider McGee to be a danger to the public, according to NBC, and authorities expected to apprehend her in short order.
McGee’s bond for her driving under the influence case had been set at $10,000.

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