Tuesday, January 3, 2017

TRUE NEWS USA - Evening News with Captain Jack Hoff

House Homeland Security Chair Backs Brotherhood Ban

Obama unleashes 3,853 regs, 18 for every law, record 97,110 pages of red tape

Lying About Obama's History.... Valerie Jarrett claims of scandal-free Obama admin. as honest as ‘if you like your doctor’

18 Major Scandals in Obama's ‘Scandal-Free’ Presidency - Breitbart

Male cop says female boss sexually harassed him, sues Wayne County

THE MAN WITH 6,200 MUSTANGS - Meet the Belgian collector who lives and breathes an American classic

Semen syringe squirter arrested after reign of terror at US malls - A man suspected of squirting women with syringes of his semen in a number of Ohio malls has been arrested. Timothy Blake told police his bizarre crime was inspired by “the internet.”

A police officer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is being investigated after striking a juvenile during a street fight. YOU CAN'T USE FORCE ON A COMBATIVE NEGRO WILDEBEEST???

Look up! One of 2017's best meteor showers is peaking tonight - ScienceAlert

Key suspect in the 1984 murder of PC Yvonne Fletcher is put in charge of tackling illegal immigration in Libya by the country's UN-backed government 

SEVERE NEGRO ALERT - NAACP sit-in at Alabama office of attorney general nominee
Several NAACP members, led by their national president, staged a sit-in Tuesday at the Alabama office of U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions to protest his nomination to be the nation's next attorney general.

State Department Funds Until U.S. Embassy Moves to Jerusalem - Bill seeks to counter Obama admin refusal to call Jerusalem Israel's capital

City of Chicago retirees outraged by the Back Stabbing Jew Rahm Emanuel's bragging health care email

Philadelphia Negro brawl ends with cop beating down a teenager

Negro Chicago couple 1st to marry in Cook County in 2017 just to receive the freebies.

EXCLUSIVE: Former American Idol finalist outraged after restaurant employee calls him 'white boy'

Breaking News: Heather Locklear Checks Into Rehab For The 5th Time


Anonymous said...

old man back in the day I really jacked off to Heather Locklear what I really wanted to do to her was I to Jan Brady I wanted to ejaculate on her hair and brush my sperm into her locks then I would stand up and bend her over and make her feel that a freight train just derailed in her anus...then I would roll over and traumatize her pussy to the point that she would be in the hospital for a month...and that's just the foreplay

stash the polski guy said...

heather was once a fine piece of ass. not any more. boo fucking hoo.

Anonymous said...

1000 retirees should filter in to city hall. wait for that little prick to get comfy then make him shit his fucking pants with angry confrontation.

he is nothing but a bully. make that little bastard wimper and cry like the pussy that he is.

Out of the car Motherfucker!! said...

How many of these "outraged" retirees voted for the Jew Bastard?? and have voted Democrat all their lives??

Anonymous said...

Watched that Philly video- the negro were jumping on and off cars like they do in the chimp enclosure. The cop- which appears to be a butch negress- beats down a beige-colored teenager. Shoulda just maced them all.

Anonymous said...

As far as NAACP niggers having a sit in,if humans,(read white here), had EBT, Welfare Checks, WIC Checks, Section 8 Housing..we could have sit ins too!

Mr. SouthSide said...

Heather must be looking pretty rough by now.

Anonymous said...

Got 556??

Anonymous said...

Tommy Lee and his foot-long ruined her...ever since then, she's been letting in too much light.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AG, LMC, JH, BB hate that......And want to require everybody sensitivity training......