Friday, December 2, 2016

TRUE NEWS USA - Viewer Submitted Stuff!

"The Disappearing Male” gives an educational glimpse into why environmental chemicals, and particularly the gender-bending kind, are so detrimental to boys

A Look into the Mind of Gen. James Mattis: 15 Quotes from Trump's Secretary of Defense

What Is Going On? Massive Group of Migrants Flood US Border with Mexico

KELLOGG'S DONATED ONE MILLION DOLLARS TO THE BLACK LIVES MATTERMOVEMENT.  The same movement that recently destroyed the Christmas displays inDowntown Chicago.  REMEMBER THIS LIST WHEN You ARE OUT SHOPPING. Kellogg's made their choice. So can we. 

In case you haven’t heard it...from the cockpit of Trump Flight 1600.

Drunk driver jailed after caught on camera hitting a police officer in Chicago

Over a Dozen FBI Agents Hospitalized After Million Dollar Sculpture Makes Them Sick

ONLY ON 3: Man catches 112 lb. catfish in NE Cape Fear River - WWAY TV3

Christmas float catches fire after 'Grinch' flicks cigarette

Dead colored man found inside SUV with pile of parking tickets on windshield


Mr. SouthSide said...

General Mad Dog kicks ASS!

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote those repeated parking tickets should be fired post haste , what a fucking asshole!

Anonymous said...

1.2 million for artwork in 0ne fbi building? Trump has his work cut out for him.

Aldo Raine said...

Shut up you crybaby faggot.