Monday, December 5, 2016

TRUE NEWS USA - Evening Headlines


Anonymous said...

I wanna drop kick her squeezebox

Dr. Lashgal Fakir Patel said...

I wanna perform mini asymmetric radial keratotomy on her vitreous humor.

Anonymous said...

White people are such assholes is right on the money! 90,000.00 for those pos's when there are white homeless veterans in this shithole city hungry and cold living out here becoming victim's from the same ilk these dumbass whites are giving their money to!!!! Absolutely disgusting! The ONLY street people I ever give to are WHITES. EVERY one I give to thanks me every single time! They usually always say: "God Bless you, thank you", while black panhandlers demand you give them something,or they'll just rob you.HATE this city!

Anonymous said...

Niggers and Mexicans always in news
and not in a good way
but it's a never ending living for the news media
they are immune to these minorities and play them
off against the white population. Media loves friction.
Brexit paved way for Trump and Trump will show Obama
the door. Don't let it hit you in he ass, Barry Boy.
That fucking garden at the back of the House where you grew
grass, that's gone in January. Don't jump the fence to get back in
Barry. Trump says shoot to kill, just like Nigger arsonists in Chicago Riots.

Anonymous said...

Any person who sends a niglet or this site money is a moron.

Quantromavarious Jenkums said...

That teacher is too fucking hot and is that a chimp holding that baby niglet?

Anonymous said...

There was obviously a Nigger. Involved!

Anonymous said...

All groidlings live in squalor.
Just like in Africa.
They like it that way.

Mr. SouthSide said...

90 grand. Unreal. Who's going to administer that money?

Anonymous said...

"leftisthebest" gave $100USD to the turdletts.

Anonymous said...

I have friends in Plano, Texas. Plano residents own more guns per capita than any other city in the USA.

Plano also has the lowest crime and murder rate of any city in the USA.

Just a coincidence?

Ask a live negro, if you can find one within 50 miles of Plano.

Anonymous said...

Looks like one of the Brady Bunch.
The oldest one that likes girls.

Truth-hammer said...

Yes, I hold ignorant, asleep, virtue-signaling YT's and the Juden as being responsible for allowing POC's to survive and thrive and threaten our very existence. Maybe the Almighty and Jesus will forgive them, but I will not. Maybe one day, there will be the day of the rope. One can always hope.

Anonymous said... how much liquor can grandma boy with that $90,000?

What happened to the momma and the babydaddies.. where am they?

Anonymous said...

Remember kids: The first rule of Teacher Fuck Club is:


There are no other rules

Anonymous said...

Shave greeted the pizza guy in the nude once. ONCE.