Thursday, December 8, 2016

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Crime Reports by Illegal Aliens Are Surging

BREAKING NEWS: Greg Lake of 1970s prog rock icons Emerson, Lake & Palmer dies from cancer aged 69 

Another case against publicly funded healthcare like Canada and Britain have! Cancer patient Andrew Lane, 61, sues hospital over flesh-eating bug that 'ate' most of his penis

U.S. President Elect Donald J Trump picks WWE pro wrestling mogul Linda McMahon for administration role

U.S. President Elect Donald J Trump favorability hits new high

Tweet from David Duke (@DrDavidDuke) Michael Moore is a domestic terrorist - he should be arrested and jailed immediately


Detroit Introduces FREE NEGRO City ID Card To Ease Access To Services
It will be recognized by many city departments and agencies as a valid form of identification.

Funeral services for Abdul Razak Ali Artan, the Ohio State student Islamic terrorist who carried out Monday’s attack on campus, were held Thursday afternoon. Artan was shot multiple times by a police officer moments after the attack began. Hundreds of Islamic / Muslims attend. 

Fat Ass Michael Moore calls for protesters to 'disrupt' Trump's inauguration

A Complete List of Radical Islamic Terror Attacks on U.S. Soil Under our Islamic U.S President Barack Obama

Donald J Trump's Defense Secretary nominee Gen. James Mattis vows to make killing our enemies great again

Islamic School Overwhelmed By Support After Receiving Threat - Our e-mailer says:
A Fake letter, in my opinion.  The only group of people who call one another 'dogs' are middle eastern people, as they detest dogs, dogs are "unclean" to them. Not a white term, nor is the "whore" adjective, as we all know women not covering themselves are  Deemed 'whores' in their culture. So obvious. The handwriting is very strange as well. 

Watch "The Cultural Enrichment of Germany" on YouTube

EXPOSED: SPLC The Southern Poverty Law Center Report On School Post-Election Hate Crimes Censored All 2,000+ Attacks On White Students - Once again the The Southern Poverty Law Center lies.....

Watch "The Truth About Jews - By Evalion" 



Anonymous said...

I'm calling bullshit on all these Crappy reports!

stash the polski guy said...

kanye is gonna need the gofundme more than ever when the mudshark dumps him. broke ass nigga will be living in a appliance box at the west end of the blue line.

Anonymous said...

Anchor women supports Trump and is hot! What more can you ask for?

Anonymous said...

Greg Lake of 1970's prog rock icons Emerson, Lake & Palmer dies from cancer aged 69.

What a lucky man he was.

Anonymous said...

wanna bet Kenye offs the mud shark before the divorce???

Anonymous said...

The truth about Jews is they KICK ASS! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Suck it, Goyim crybabies! ISRAEL 4-EVER! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

Anonymous said...

Q) What do you call a camel jockers funeral?

A) A target rich environment.

Anonymous said...

Duke is 100% right, Moore is a terrorist and probably has long overstayed his visa from Canada.
Hell, he weighs as much as a cell of five terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Kim ought to remember what o.j. simpson did to his ex.

Anonymous said...

Greg Lake was great, His death is a loss to music. from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

There might have been things I missed
But don't be unkind
It don't mean I'm blind
Perhaps there's a thing or two

RIP Greg

Anonymous said...

Dry Bones says---

Them Brews them Brews them He Brews.
Them Brews them Brews them He Brews.
Them Brews them Brews them He Brews.

Anonymous said...

Armenians cannot mud shark. They're blacker than niggers

Anonymous said...

Good lord, that fired anchorwoman (Scarlett Fakhar) is one smokin hot half jihad chick! White mom/Iranian dad. She is a classic case of 'I'd eat her out front and back'.

It looks like I may have to soften my stance (only a little bit) on this refugee shit if we could produce women like her in return. Exotic looking and a conservative? Damn I want my very own Ms. Fakhar!

Anonymous said...

He was a homo. All prog rockers should be killed. King Crimson, Yes, Rush, they should be dumped into a sausage maker and stuffed down Michael Moores throat.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Jew kikes assholes are the scourge of the world. Hitler had the right idea. 6 million? Doubt it. Typical Jew kike inflating the number, probably 20k if that.

Anonymous said...

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1975.ELP on the 8 track. My tongue on my girlfriends clit.Good times.