Saturday, November 26, 2016

WOW, Big Surprise Here! (NOT!) Chicago Police: Morale still low, emboldening criminals and contributing to violence

The Headline has some truth - Yes, police morale is super low - but that has nothing to do with the spike in crime - The spike in crime comes from the elected officials selling their souls and pandering to the LAWLESS NEGROES for votes - Pandering is weakness, weakness gets walked all over by the animal!
When the veteran Chicago police officer joined the department, he expected to stay long enough to earn two star patches on the lower left sleeve of his uniform, signifying 40 years on the job.

Even as he grew older, his enthusiasm was unwavering. He prided himself on continuing to work in some of Chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods, figuring that's where he could make the most difference.

Now, though, with about 20 years in uniform, he wants out, fed up with how dramatically his work life has been upended in the months since the release of the video showing an officer shoot Laquan McDonald 16 times. Like many others he works with, this cop believes his proactive style of policing has become a relic of the past because of real fears over lawsuits, firings, even indictments.

He and other officers interviewed by the Tribune say the anti-police furor that erupted over the vivid footage continues to sink morale, hamstring officers and embolden the criminal element, contributing to a shocking jump in violence this year to levels unseen in Chicago since the late 1990s.

"The bad element knows that policemen aren't willing to do the job the way they did it (before)," said the veteran cop, a supervisor who's getting his resume in order and like the others asked not to be named because he wasn't authorized by the department to speak. "They're right in tune with how police are policing."



The Keesing Bandit said...

No truer words have ever been said.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there know what's Wong with canine? Maybe Tim or Nick know?

Anonymous said...

Tipping in cpd section still at all time low

ASA said...

He should be happy, that he doesn't have a work fotfFAKE Sheriff Tom golden shower Dart. The most anti lawenforcement FAKE Sheriff liberal asswipe Irish Scumbag from the 19th Ward. DART is best friend's with the leader of BLACK LIES MATTER. This piece of liberal asswipe Irish Scumbag loving criminals and letting criminals out of county jail. Now DART and another Irish asswipe scumbag liberal political piece of shit wants a BIll passed, to let criminals out of county jail awaiting trial. They would not have to pay a bond.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, the Big Jew Up On The 5th,
Is featured in the Wall Street Journal today.
Headlines read pressure is on since Trump win
To reform police force and address lawless shootings

Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Enjoy the bloodbath he caused, fuckers.


Anonymous said...

Eating donuts and sitting at Bourbon street won't do much to help your morale

Anonymous said...

Maybe cpd should let officer's start jerking each other off in car, sex helps morale

Anonymous said...

Saturday, Nov. 26, 2016 (available online)
Wall Street Journal:
Chicago's Rahm Emanuel Makes Strides After Shooting Protests.
After Donald Trump's Election, Chicago Mayor Faces Pressure to
Continue Police Overhaul.

Anonymous said...

That idiot Jeremy Gorner and the rag Chicago Tribune are the main reasons, as to media, why the Chicago police shut down.
Gorner and the Tribune lies, exaggerates, misrepresents, every chance they get so they can sell that rag, save it from bankruptcy again, and push it's leftist agenda.
It's the same rag Marty Preib outed on
his blog.
And Johnson is dumb enough to grant an interview to a rag that's made him look bad over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Chicago is TOAST.

Anonymous said...

40 years? that's crazy talk dude! if you don't give a shit about your own life, at least think about your family. you could all be living in a nice lakeside cabin in Wyoming somewhere by now, not this third-world shithole.

If you do somehow make your 40, you'll be dead in two or three years anyway.



Aldo Raine said...

You all should've taken the fire test. I get paid to eat, sleep, workout, watch porn, jerk off and handle the occasional fire. Very occasional. Haven't lived in the city/paid city/county taxes in years. Leaving in about a year and will make my identity known at that time. Until then rahm can suck my fat dick.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else use a coupon at Bourbon Street after they give us our police discount?