Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Undermining police is undermining public’s safety

Dear Editor, The Seattle Times:

After reading Monday’s editorial regarding restrictive law on police use of force [“Change restrictive state law on police use of force,” Opinion, Nov. 28], I have to say, “There they go again!”

You have been vilifying the Seattle Police Department for excessive force and biased policing. After following the reports in your paper, no one ever explained how the Department of Justice came to the conclusion that SPD was guilty of these accusations.

Now you are targeting the officer on the beat who just wants to do his/her job.

You assume changing the wording of the state law on use of deadly force is of no consequence to the officers, but it is. The officer needs the protection of the law if he or she has to make a split-second decision and that decision is later judged to be wrong.

You are undermining the safety of both the officers and the public. This issue is news-media driven. Now we are looking at the opinion of a professional football player to give us direction for police training.

No amount of additional training is going to stop all controversial incidents, but we need the confidence of the officers that they are supported by the community while they risk their lives to do their job.

Bruce Fenner, Kenmore, Washington 


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