Thursday, November 3, 2016

TRUE NEWS USA - Quick Hits

Lena Dunham Warns Millennials In North Carolina To Be Careful Around The ‘Dying Beast’ Of The White Patriarchy
“I think the Hillary base is so sort of sick of these baseless attacks that take away from the primary message, which is that we have a qualified candidate versus a dangerous candidate,” Dunham said. “At the end of the day, the stuff with the emails is just a distraction and Hillary supporters don’t want to talk about it anymore.”
The FBI discovered a new trove of emails– emails which may contain the 30,000+ Hillary INTENTIONALLY deleted– on Anthony Weiner’s computer. Apparently, that’s “just a distraction.” There’s nothing to it. It’s time to talk about more important things, like the fact that Hillary’s been a woman her entire life. Did you know that
Birmingham Mosque England

White children should be BUSSED into schools dominated by ethnic minorities or vice versa to halt the rise of racial segregation, says report

White, Asian and black children should be bussed into less diverse schools to tackle growing segregation in towns and cities, a landmark report has suggested.
Academics have called on the Government to intervene after they found white British populations are dwindling at record levels and in extreme cases have halved in a decade.
Consequently communities are becoming more segregated with one area of Blackburn, Lancashire, now 95 per cent Asian.
Brookhouse Primary School in the town was named in 2013 as one of only a handful of UK schools where all children spoke English as a second language

Project Veritas: Big Dem Donor Says Republican Blacks Are ‘Seriously F***ed in the Head’

In a new video released today by Project Veritas Action, a top Democratic donor is caught on camera horribly maligning Republican blacks at a fundraiser for North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross. In the video, Benjamin Barber, a prominent Ross and Clinton donor, compares blacks who vote Republican to Nazis at the fundraiser for Ross on the Upper West Side of New York City on September 19, 2016.
“Have you heard of the Sonderkommandos? Jewish guards who helped murder Jews in the camps. So there were even Jews that were helping the Nazis murder Jews! So blacks who are helping the other side are seriously fucked in the head,” Barber said. “They’re only helping the enemy who will destroy them. Maybe they think ‘if I help them we’ll get along okay; somehow I’ll save my race by working with the murderers.

Louis Farrakhan Compares Hillary Clinton To Hitler

Ah, Louie, always such a joy…
Louis Farrakhan railed against Hillary Clinton during a sermon this past Sunday.
The Nation of Islam leader first commended Donald Trump for taking away power from the media.
Farrakhan noted that the Republican nominee had been plastered across the television networks’ election coverage as a means to embarrass him, but that only resulted in free campaign advertising for the Trump campaign.
“You don’t even realize that you [the media] are no longer in power,” he stated. “Can’t you see you’ve failed?”
Farrakhan then turned his focus towards the Democratic nominee.
“My dear brothers and sisters, this is serious,” Farrakhan told his congregation. “Her husband and Joe Biden were the authors of the crime bill that put tens of thousands of black brothers and sisters in prison.”
“Mrs. Clinton backed the crime bill and then called our young people super predators. Of course she apologized, but just a minute. See Hitler could’ve said to the Jews after Auschwitz, ‘I’m so sorry.’ Would that be enough to satisfy you?”

Colin Kaepernick Hosts Black Panther-Inspired Youth Camp

Kaepernick is a full-bore black Marxist nutcase. Anyone who lets him around children is committing child abuse.
Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback who started a movement of kneeling during the national anthem to highlight racial injustices in America, quietly hosted an “I Know My Rights” summer camp for children of color over the weekend.
Mr. Kaepernick and a small group of his friends had been secretly planning the camp at Impact Hub Oakland in Oakland, California, in the hopes of teaching minority children how to deal with racial discrimination, police brutality and a variety of other social issues, the New York Daily News’ Shaun King exclusively reported.
“I didn’t just want to hire someone to come in and do this. We did all of this ourselves,” Mr. Kaepernick told Mr. King. “We even opted out of corporate sponsors because we just wanted the freedom to say exactly what we thought the kids we’ve brought here today need to hear and learn. I told myself that if I was going to do this type of work, that I was going to actually do it myself.”
Mr. King and his son, 10-year-old EZ, attended the event on Saturday. Each camper wore a T-shirt with 10 rights listed on the back that organizers said every child of color should know.
The rights were inspired by the popular Ten-Point Program created by the Black Panther Party, who celebrated their 50th anniversary in October. Among the rights included, “You have the right to be free,” “You have the right to be healthy,” and “You have the right to be loved.”
This was the original Marxist inspired Black Panther 10 Point Program:
What We Want Now!
We want freedom. We want power to determine the destiny of our Black Community.
We want full employment for our people.
We want an end to the robbery by the white men of our Black Community. (later changed to “we want an end to the robbery by the capitalists of our black and oppressed communities.”)
We want decent housing, fit for shelter of human beings.
We want education for our people that exposes the true nature of this decadent American society. We want education that teaches us our true history and our role in the present day society.
We want all Black men to be exempt from military service.
We want an immediate end to POLICE BRUTALITY and MURDER of Black people.
We want freedom for all Black men held in federal, state, county and city prisons and jails.
We want all Black people when brought to trial to be tried in court by a jury of their peer group or people from their Black Communities, as defined by the Constitution of the United States.
We want land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice and peace


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