Thursday, November 17, 2016


TRUE NEWS USA may wish to embed this at the site; this happened in the Schenectady N.Y.; but is likely just an example of the actions of non for profits in general; which include placing former felons and the mentally ill; in communities without acknowledging the violent past of individuals placed; to residents.


In Sept. 2015, police found Carson beaten and left for dead in the basement of his Schenectady apartment building.
Carson was wrapped in barbed wire and buried under debris, next to the decaying body of another tenant. Their attacker, Harold Michael Ortiz, was fresh out of prison at the time and had been placed there by Mohawk Opportunities.
Mohawk Opportunities is a housing program which helps people living with mental illness. Carson is now suing that organization, alleging they didn’t properly supervise Ortiz, and did nothing to warn the other tenants of his violent past, which included a second degree murder conviction.