Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ohio State University Assistant Director of Residence Life Stephanie Clemons Thompson is a CUNT - OSU Diversity Officer Scolds People Sharing Pic Of Dead Terrorist, People Should “Think Of His Pain”, “Black Lives Matter”

what point does this get absolutely ridiculous? #SayHisName is a hashtag often used by Black Live Matter for alleged ‘victims’ of police brutality.
He’s a terrorist, his excuses don’t justify trying to kill people.
Ohio State University Assistant Director of Residence Life Stephanie Clemons Thompson may have urged sympathy for suspected Monday attacker Abdul Razak Ali Artan in a Facebook post.
The Daily Caller News Foundation was not able to independently verify the authenticity of the post, and Clemons was unavailable for comment at press time.
Clemons apparently repeated urging for her friends not to share the Facebook post, suggesting she was aware of the controversial nature of her language.
Artan emigrated to the U.S. in 2014, NBCNews reports. Artan was a refugee whose family left Somalia in 2007, spent seven years in Pakistan, and became legal permanent residents of the U.S. in 2014.
Before the attack, Artan reportedly posted on Facebook, “I can’t take it anymore. America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah. We are not weak. We are not weak, remember that,” according to ABCNews. “We will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims,” he declared.

Tufts University Student Leaders Reject Free Speech Measure, Call It “Unsafe”…

Free speech is a cornerstone of our republic. The notion that free speech makes people “unsafe” is simply bizarre.
A sweeping free speech resolution has been rejected by Tufts University’s student government, whose members called the effort to broaden and clarify students’ First Amendment rights “unsafe.”
Tufts has a “red light” speech-code rating from FIRE, which means it maintains at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech.
Student Jake Goldberg’s free speech resolution called for an end to campus anti-free speech rules at Tufts, including vague administrative provisos that crack down on the “use of nicknames,” “hurtful words,” “bias-fueled jokes,” “comments on an individual’s body or appearance,” “innuendos of a sexual nature,” “gender bias,” and dozens more similar examples cited in the measure.
But the Tufts Student Senate recently voted 26 to zero with two abstentions to reject the proposal, with some senators saying free speech actually endangers students, and that free speech protections make administrators’ jobs impossible.
“I believe everyone’s right to access their education on this campus is more important than abolishing the protective restrictions we have on free speech,” one student senator declared after the vote.
Prior to the vote, Goldberg tried to sway his peers to support unabridged free speech on campus.
“We just want to make sure these [vague administrative] policies are cleaned up, better defined, and use language that’s easy to understand,” he said.
Goldberg added that, without the measure passing, administrators can unfairly punish students for exercising their First Amendment rights.
But nearly every single senator voiced opposition to the measure, according to a video of the senate meeting posted on the student government’s Facebook page.
Senate President Gauri Seth chided Goldberg for his resolution, saying that “I think clarity in itself is subjective so I don’t really know what we’re voting on, which is why I oppose this resolution. … I just don’t think [the resolution] protects students in the way that it should. I think that actually really harms students.”
Nesi Altaras, another student senator, said that “50 percent of students on this campus are not from America, and there are other countries with free speech issues, and some countries handle them better than America. I think saying First Amendment rights, best kind of rights, is not okay.”


Anonymous said...

Stephanie Clemons Thompson is black. Maybe she shares the terrorists views.

Anonymous said...

What I'm saying is you warn the the Muslims one more attack and they all will be killed. Then follow through.

Anonymous said...

this is no different than at any other college/university within an 8 hour drive of here..liberal pukes indoctrinating these kids. should have sent my kids to the Military, although they voted the Right way. I'm sure that they are considered renegades for their political views.

"your opinion counts as long as it follows in line with ours. if not, you are a racist, right wing radical"
liberal democrats

stash the polski guy said...

what? no safe space?

Jackie Puppet said...

"I will unfriend you"

OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!! That'll show them!!!

I suppose it's her job as a "diversity officer" to lie & distort the truth. Incredible how they can live with themselves...

Anonymous said...

The Dead Muslim was a phony. Grad. CUm Laude from a
Mickey Mouse Community College. BIG.FUCKING.DEAL.
(Lower Academic Standards)
When he got to a Real University, he found it hard to cut it,
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Poison Infused Sports, Posion Infused Higher Education. Free-Ride Somali Fuck Is DEAD!
Ohio State denied admission to an American Student so they could accept this Somali Fuck
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Anonymous said...

Diversity Officer a Fucking Joke
Not a Real Job
Chick could not make it in Corporate America,
So she's a Big Shit at OSU, 40 hr/wk, M-F
No Weekends, All Holidays Off with Pay
Desk Job. Meetings, Committies, Sit on This Board,
Sit on That Board. Only the outside public impressed with
A title of "Diversity Officer". EConomic translation: I don't need
A "breadwinner" job, cause I'm busy building my wardrobe for when I
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Mother Fuckers. In the meantime, they call on me to interface with the Media. It's O.K. If I
Fuck up, I'm a girl. You can't hold me accountable. I got a fucking CUNT. I'm Immune.
I collect my paycheck. I chastise students who take insensitive videos. I am the Matron CUNT of
The Ohio State University. Hick City, Baby. Hick - Fucking - City. Don't have to be good. Just show up.

Anonymous said...

Get a coloring book.

Anonymous said...

Time for ethinic cleansing via deportations or liqudations.

Anonymous said...

Where is the pic?

Anonymous said...

I do think of the muslims pain, and I find that I am both delighted and enchanted. IF there is one more attack on Americans by these third world devotees of Mohammed,(Piss be unto him), start interning Muslims in FEMA camps for deportation and or liqudation.

Aldo Raine said...

Fucking liberal CUNT. She needs to brutally victimized and then slowly and painfully murdered by some sandnigger.

Anonymous said...

He's perforated. Excellent. A dollar's worth of bullets and you're next, Stephanie.

Making America Great again, one dead scumbag and their sympathizers at a time.

Mr. SouthSide said...

I'd make pins out if that terrorist's dead body picture and wear them everywhere I go.

Anonymous said...

A Veteran who made it thru two tours in Iraq
Wound up with a butchered hand on the campus
Of Ohio State at the hands of this miscreant terrorist
He used the G.I. Bill to better himself
The Somali terrorist should not have been in our Country

Anonymous said...

High velocity lead poisoning is relatively painless with proper shot placement.

Anonymous said...

College students wanting to clarify the college's speech restrictions because they don't understand them? You're supposed to be college students, not idiots!
Get a dictionary, it will explain all those hard words you don't understand. Better yet, get the hell out of college so a real student qualified to be there, can be there.


Anonymous said...

I do think of the terrorist's pain. It gives me a woody.

Anonymous said...

Oh fuck you cunt!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the TERRORIST's PAIN! Think of the pain of:

* The hardworking students minding their own business on the sidewalk...

* Students who had their academic careers interrupted or permanently cut short

* Parents of students who were injured

* Parents of students who died

* Parents of students who attend the school and escaped unscathed thru sheer luck of the draw...

* The cop who had to deal with this terrorist POS, and especially in the current anti-cop climate...

Fucking ridiculous... Pain of the terrorist... I hope that cocksucker has eternal pain in Hell for his heinous acts... POS ought never to have been in this country...