Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Obama's Lawless U.S. Department of Justice Will Be Monitoring Election Polls In These States Across America…

*eye roll*
Via Politico:
On Election Day, DOJ officials will staff 67 locations in these 28 states. They include:
Bethel Census Area, Alaska;
Dillingham Census Area, Alaska;
Kusilvak Census Area, Alaska;
Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska;
Maricopa County, Arizona;
Navajo County, Arizona;
Alameda County, California;
Napa County, California;
Siskiyou County, California;
East Hartford, Connecticut;
Farmington, Connecticut;
Hartford, Connecticut;
Middletown, Connecticut;
New Britain, Connecticut;
Newington, Connecticut;
West Hartford, Connecticut;
Hillsborough County, Florida;
Lee County, Florida;
Miami-Dade County, Florida;
Orange County, Florida;
Palm Beach County, Florida;
Fulton County, Georgia;
Gwinnett County, Georgia;
Hancock County, Georgia;
Chicago, Illinois;
Cook County, Illinois;

Finney County, Kansas;
Orleans Parish, Louisiana;
Quincy, Massachusetts;
Dearborn Heights, Michigan;
Detroit, Michigan;
Hamtramck, Michigan;
St. Louis, Missouri;
Douglas County, Nebraska;
Mineral County, Nevada;
Washoe County, Nevada;
Middlesex County, New Jersey;
Cibola County, New Mexico;
Kings County, New York;
Orange County, New York;
Queens County, New York;
Cumberland County, North Carolina;
Forsyth County, North Carolina;
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina;
Robeson County, North Carolina;
Wake County, North Carolina;
Benson County, North Dakota;
Rolette County, North Dakota;
Cuyahoga County, Ohio;
Franklin County, Ohio;
Hamilton County, Ohio;
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania;
Lehigh County, Pennsylvania;
Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania;
Pawtucket, Rhode Island;
Providence, Rhode Island;
Bennett County, South Dakota;
Jackson County, South Dakota;
Oglala Lakota County, South Dakota;
Shelby County, Tennessee;
Dallas County, Texas;
Harris County, Texas;
Waller County, Texas;
San Juan County, Utah;
Fairfax County, Virginia;
Prince William County, Virginia, and
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

So hows all that HOPE & CHANGE going for you?

Out of the car Motherfucker!! said...

The Feds could put 10000 poll watchers in Chicago and it wouldn't be enough!! The fucking revolution starts today!! Lock n load!!

Anonymous said...

Alaska? Even some Eskimos are democrats.

Anonymous said...

The fat assed, old, decrepit joo Soros has also bragged
that he has the Electoral College all sown up(paid off)
and that the fix is in for the Beast.
If so, be prepared.
God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Call Police, demand report, don't back down, if you are a Legal Voter.

If you observe Illegal Voting Activity, make video if possible, call 911, demand Police Action

Bubba said...

A little voice told Me I should clean My Gun's .

Anonymous said...

'Monitoring' in Fedspeak means 'interfering' in Realspeak.