Thursday, October 6, 2016

T.T. Saffore, a 28-year-old Cross dressing Negro ass eating faggot Chicago street whore found dead - Mourners hold vigil for transgender woman found slain on West Side


About a hundred asinine people gathered in Lakeview on Wednesday evening to remember a transgender woman found slain last month and "honor her life as well as the lives of other black trans people lost to ... violence."

Some of the 100 or so protesters shouted at police when their procession reached Belmont Avenue and Halsted Street, and one officer threatened they would be "locked up," but overall the demonstration was peaceful and no arrests were made.

The night began with a memorial for T.T. Saffore, a 28-year-old transgender woman whose body was found lying by train tracks on the West Side last month. She had suffered multiple stab wounds and a knife was discovered nearby, according to authorities. No arrests have been made.

"This night will honor her life as well as the lives of other black trans people lost to intra-community and state violence," the TGNC Collective, the group organizing the vigil, posted online.


In Other News...‘Tranny Granny’ Halloween Costume Recalled by Amazon, Target, and WalMart for being OFFENSIVE to cross dressing faggots

While Halloween is supposed to be fun and shame-free (although we wish every day were shame-free), some retailers didn’t get the message and are selling disappointingly inappropriate costumes.

Take, for example, the “Tranny Granny” costume that Walmart and Amazon just pulled from their respective websites. “All the guys will be dressing up as superheroes and princes, but you will stand out among the rest in this hilarious Granny Men’s Costume!” the costume description read.

Included in the costume is a white tank dress covered in colorful flowers with a pink collar. It also has a “curvaceous butt and boob pads to complete the look.” Additionally, this particular granny “wouldn’t go anywhere without her pink babushka with flower design headband to keep her hair perfectly in place.” To top it all off, “slap on some makeup and get ready for your granny walk and you will have the room roaring with laughter!” 

We could go on forever about what’s wrong with that portrayal, but you get the point. On both websites, the costume was listed in the marketplaces by a third-party vendor called Rasta Imposta. And while it’s supposed to cost $64, you were getting a steal from both stores at just $25. 

Walmart told LGBTQNation that it removed the costume from its website because it “obviously” violated its terms of service for third-party retailers. “While it’s listed on other sites, it clearly violates our policy and was quickly removed once we were notified. We’re appalled this seller put it on our site to begin with,” a representative for the superstore said. And even though there’s an entire team dedicated to making sure there aren’t any offensive costumes, it seems the group missed this one. 

Rasta Imposta must have caught on because the costume is now listed as “Manny Granny” on its site. 

Target, which was selling the costume with a different name for $39.99, Women’s Granny Costume One Size Fits Most, pulled the product on Wednesday. The costume is still available though on plenty of other sites. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only tactless costume out there. Last year we saw “Anna Rexia,” which obviously trivialized a serious health condition. Then there are all the culturally insensitive costumes, like the “Little Amigo.” Fortunately, college student Mahala Herron has some pretty sound advice for avoiding controversy, specifically in regards to cultural appropriation. “Halloween is coming up, so everyone please remember that my culture isn’t a costume,” she tweeted. She shared this alongside an illustration of three figures symbolizing different cultures: One head is adorned in a hijab, another is wearing cornrows, and the third is in a headdress.

What ever happened to black cats and witches? We never thought we’d say it, but we miss the days of basic Halloween costumes.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making yourself a ridiculous Monty Python sketch and getting stabbed in your own violent community. We should all be like you. Let's all yell at the police to make ourselves feel better.

Out of my country Motherfucker!!! said...

I'll stop appropriating your culture when you stop appropriating my country and my tax dollars for your food stamps and welfare babies Conchita!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Transgendered? Hit it maestro.

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Jackie Puppet said...

Fags are offended??!?!?!

They're not offended when they "dress up" (or down) at the pride parade...maybe they can dress up as Target bathrooms.

J. Edgar Hooters said...

More good news, thanks True News USA.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Aldo Raine said...

Keesing Bandit has 2 Tranny Granny's. And 2 granddads that used to fingerbang his balloon knot when he was a wee lad.

Anonymous said...

At least the lawn jockey costumes are still available

The Keesing Bandit said...

We were a very close family.

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Anonymous said...

That's a first....Keesing Bandit actually got in a zinger.
Truly we ARE in the End Times.

Aldo Raine said...

The Keesing Bandit rocks! Funnier than 99% of the losers here.

Anonymous said...

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