Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Trump Just Tweeted Out a Story with Just 2 Words: 'Wow. Unbelievable.' After Wiki-Leaks leaked e-mails shows Obama's U.S. Department of Justice was secretly feeding the Clinton's information about her illegal private e-mail server and illegal classified info on that server

Donald Trump is a man of many words. Some might call him 'verbose,' others 'braggadocious,' while those with advanced vocabularies might say that he 'tends to wax grandiloquent.'
So, when Trump tweets out a story with just two words, you can bet that where there's smoke, there's fire. Or else, he's blowing smoke. Well, you be the judge:
The story? Another damning revelation from the Wikileaks hack. Tom Winter reports:
Tom Winter, an NBC News Investigations reporter, appears to have found a smoking gun linking Hillary Clinton's office with the DOJ investigation into her private email violations.
Here's the transcribed email, from Hillary Clinton for America press secretary Brian Fallon:
A reminder that DOJ will be making its latest filing in this case later today, proposing a revised schedule for producing the emails—this time on a rolling basis, in accordance with the judge's order. [...]
DOJ folks inform me there is a status hearing in this case this morning, so we could have a window into the judge's thinking about this proposed production schedule as quickly as today.
As the Wall Street Journal reported about Fallon, who formerly worked at the Justice Dept.:
Hillary Clinton’s political team sought to contain any potential fallout over her use of a private email server by communicating with government agencies, enlisting help of congressional allies and managing public statements, newly released emails show.
Hacked emails belonging to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta were posted by the website WikiLeaks this week, showing her staff candidly debating the tone and substance of responses to media after the 2015 disclosure of her use of a private email server while leading the State Department during President Barack Obama’s first term.
In several electronic exchanges, Mrs. Clinton’s staff appeared to be in communication with government officials about the email issue. One campaign official is shown telling colleagues about a coming procedural step, which was part of the public record, that he suggests he learned from Justice Department officials.



Anonymous said...

It should be noted that all the LIBERAL polls have the beast up by
+5 to +12 points. All they are doing is padding the numbers by claiming independents and 3rd partiers as part of their totals.
In the real world just reverse the MSM's numbers and the beast
is down by similar numbers.

Anonymous said...

The media has to make it look like she is winning. She will lose any fair contest, but the fix is in the electoral college.
Clinton's don't play fair.


Anonymous said...

this is tantamount to having a states attn. telling a defendant at 26th and cali what the procedures will be and what evidence they have and how to skip out on it....oh wait a minute...