Thursday, October 13, 2016

TRUE NEWS USA - Viewer Submitted News

Fired Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy's Child Bride Gives Birth To A Baby Boy - Kiernan Barnette McCarthy

Anonymous Claims It Has Bill Clinton Underage Rape Video That Will 'Plunge Race Into Chaos'

OAK LAWN ILLINOIS - A TCF Bank branch at 98th and Cicero in Oak Lawn was robbed by a feral Negro

Do You Believe In Miracles?! Hillary’s Benghazi EMAILS Have Officially Been Recovered

Breaking! Hillary’s Email Hacker Has Emerged and What He Just Said Could End Hillary And The Democratic Party

Jackson Michigan - VIDEO - Circuit Court Judge John McBain tosses off his robe and tackles offender in court

Internet Sensation Ken Bone Accused of ‘Selling Out’ over Uber Ad

DRIVING WHILE WHITE TRASH - Charles Warren, 69, involved in crash that killed state trooper arrested again

DOG'S ABUSE Pitbull kept as a SEX SLAVE and repeatedly raped by its owner is rescued by animal rights activists

THE APE ESCAPE Witnesses were warned NOT to stare at ‘agitated’ gorilla Kumbuka before the ‘psycho’ beast escaped London Zoo enclosure and was shot with tranquilliser dart

Watch "Must Watch!! Hillary Clinton tried to ban this video" on YouTube

60% of the US Govt’s Billion Dollar PR Budget Goes to the Pentagon to Sell You War

Watch "Clinton's Campaign Resorted to THIS?? Seriously?" 

'I spend more than $2,500.00 a year for a pretend girlfriend to Snapchat and text me': The men prepared to pay for virtual affection because I have a small baby sized penis

WHITE Republican New York State Senate candidate Jon Girodes offered the harlem Negroes free KFC Chicken and Watermelons.... The Colored Folks got offended....

 US planning false flag attack to FRAME Russia in Syria, say conspiracy theorists


Anonymous said...

Orgy Island/Bill Clinton

Anonymous said...

Scary times folks.


Just wait till Obama's third term

Anonymous said...

HORNY HICK: Bill Clinton
A fan of the film Tiger Bay

Anonymous said...

Future CPD Superintendent Congrats Garry don't listen to the jealous shitheads and crybaby cops!

Anonymous said...

I think that picture of the baby dinosaur was of the episode that Earl was in charge of the baby, and wanted the baby to poop on the pot, but the baby wouldn't do it.

Anonymous said...

What an old fool. When Garry's wife ends up changing his diaper along with the baby's, she'll find herself a younger dude.

Head Cheese said...

Hey, Mr. And Mrs. Czarny,

What is he supposit offer you: kiszka I nalesniki?

Anonymous said...

She'll never find someone with Garry's manly masculinity and booshy booshy mustache.

Anonymous said...

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