Monday, October 10, 2016

TRUE NEWS USA - Evening Headline News

Share-worthy stories from the Illinois Patch network to talk about tonight:

Bolingbrook Mayor Comes Out in Defense of Donald Trump

Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar has come out in defense of Donald Trump after a video showed Trump making lewd comments about women. “It’s unfortunate,” Claar told the Chicago Sun-Times. “But it’s not like he’s the first person in the world that’s ever said that stuff.”

District 112 to Drop Columbus Day From School Calendar

Columbus Day won't appear on the North Shore School District 112 calendar next year. The Monday in October 2017 will still be an off-day for students, but will be designated as "Fall Break" on the calendar, the Highland Park News reports.

Couple Says 'I Do' While Riding the 'L' Around Chicago

Not many people would call a CTA train romantic, let alone the ideal backdrop for a destination wedding. But don't tell that to Eric D'Asto and Sandra Grigoletti. The Bridgeport couple was married in a small ceremony over the weekend, and it was held in a rail car that chugged along the "L" tracks.

Man Robbed at Gunpoint After Tracking Down Man Who Took His Cell Phone: Police

A Gages Lake man is accused of pointing a gun at a 54-year-old man’s head and robbing him of his cell phone outside a local church after a bizarre string of events, which began when the victim first lost his cell phone earlier that same day.

Attempted Murder Charge Filed Against Man Accused of Beating Chicago Cop Unconscious

A Maywood man accused of attacking and seriously injuring three Chicago police officers last week faces attempted murder charges in the incident, which happened the same day the suspect was in court for a similar assault against a Forest Park officer.
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Anonymous said...

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Was the best man the resident junkie on the line?

Anonymous said...

The car was burning all weekend? Where were the firemen?