Thursday, October 20, 2016

Donald J Trump and Crooked Hillary Clinton Refuse to Explain Why They Both Share the Same Address in Delaware

Wilmington, DE — As it turns out, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump share something pertinent in common, after all — a tax haven cozily nested inside the United States.
This brick-and-mortar, nondescript two-story building in Wilmington, Delaware would be awfully crowded if its registered occupants — 285,000 companies — actually resided there. What’s come to be known as the “Delaware loophole” — the unassuming building at 1209 North Orange Street — has become, as the Guardian described“famous for helping tens of thousands of companies avoid hundreds of millions of dollars in tax.” 


Anonymous said...

The smart man takes every legal loophole he can. Especially now when taxes no longer support America, but are wasted on Obongo's negro entitlement bullshit and his crooked administration of traitors and militant homosexual activists and his multimillion dollar nigger vacations.

Anonymous said...

I voting for Trump as long as he is not grabbing her pussy.

Anonymous said...

This article is deceptive to the point of being flat out wrong. While it is true that earnings outside of Delaware are not taxed in Delaware, they are taxed in the state they are generated. A corporation doing business in Illinois still pays state income tax to Illinois on the income it earned in Illinois even if it is incorporated in Delaware. The true benefit of a Delaware corporation is the protections it offers its corporation from a legal standpoint, NOT taxes. The clear majority of publically traded corporations are incorporated in Delaware for this reason.

stash the polski guy said...

this is news? every fucking company's masthead or prospectus has under its corporate name and logo 'a Delaware company'

Anonymous said...

Shaved has been incorporated in Delaware for years due to its advantageous protections for jowls.

Alicia said...

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Anonymous said...

I can understand Trump. He's a businessman.
His Daddy told him to file there.
But Hillary??????
Washington Politico and you need a Corporate
Address at 1209 N. Orange Street????
Place is so well known, you just type in: "1209"
And you are there!
Place even has it's own Facebook page!
Crooked Hillary. Lying Bitch. Landmark Cunt.
Trump was there first, for business.
But two lawyers from Yale????
Crooked to the bone!

Regis Philbin said...

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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

The difference is this,
Trump EARNED his money.
Swillary STOLE her (OUR) money!

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