Friday, October 14, 2016

Chicago Tribune Still Hammering Cops as they PANDER to all others - 2 Chicago cops still on paid desk duty a decade after police scandal

A decade after one of the most damaging scandals in Chicago police history broke, two of the officers accused of wrongdoing remain on desk duty at full pay, filing papers or answering phones as they await the outcome of the city's slow-moving and much-criticized disciplinary process.

The two are just a fraction of about 85 officers who remain on the force but are barred from working on the street because of ongoing disciplinary cases that can take years to close.

As Chicago police fight surging violence and Mayor Rahm Emanuel acknowledges the need for more police on the street, these sidelined officers are taking a toll on finances and available manpower.

The group of about 85 officers — the size of some Police Academy graduating classes — is on track to cost the city at least $5 million in pay this year, according to a Tribune analysis of department records obtained through an open records request.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

fire those desk jockeys or put in a no pay status
they come in late , long lunches , do not swipe in and out
no supervision

Anonymous said...

Fire or retire their worthless, useless , asses post haste.

Anonymous said...

Just like the CPS rubber rooms.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like cpd at Bourbon street

Mr. SouthSide said...

Ten years! I guess there is no hurry.

Anonymous said...

They lump in the two idiot SOS guys with the rest of the stripped PO's. The SOS idiots are probably just happy to collect a check unlike the rest of there cohorts who went to prison or resigned or got fired.

Anonymous said...

Now you go do some work asshole while I figure out where Im going for lunch.

screw the Chicago Tribune said...

Jeremy Gorner is trash. No credibility. When Pete Liguori dumps the Tribune Gorner, Zorn should be the first to go.
Tribune stock is in freefall.
The Tribune knows how to investigate and analyze
everything except how to write unbiased truthful
stories, and make a profit.
I'm unloading my TRCO stock, currently at 34.10 a share
Once again, screw the Trib

Anonymous said...

And nobody knows how to be a desk jockey better than Jeremy Gorner. Fake reporter.
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Disciplinary problems? What, like being too rough on the public?
Put them back to work, on the street, in the south and west side of Chicago. Let'em play with the natives.



My goal is to finish my last 10 years on that desk unit.

Anonymous said...

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