Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Wins Big on FAKE Chicago Police Reform

Negro Troubled Mayor Rahm Emanuel won a major round Wednesday in his effort to FAKE reform oversight of the beleaguered Chicago Police Department, but now comes the hard part: putting in place new standards while walking the gantlet of community activists who think they don't go far enough and Chicago police who are convinced they're getting the shaft.

As a result, a mayor typically unafraid to take a victory bow offered a more subdued reaction after a lopsided City Council vote to create a new police misconduct investigation agency with broader powers and empower a new watchdog to make sure the new system doesn't go awry.

"I would consider this the beginning of a journey, not the end," Emanuel said after the 39-8 tally. "This is not the end, but it is an important step forward on the improvements that we all seek."

That's an acknowledgment that many of the thorniest police reform issues remain unresolved, even as the U.S. Justice Department continues its own investigation into Police Department tactics and training that could result in Emanuel being required to make additional changes.

The vote itself underscored the mayor's difficulties. After months of African-American aldermen publicly blasting the administration's police reform efforts, most of them voted for the ordinance thanks to changes Emanuel made along with behind-the-scenes cajoling and arm twisting.

West Side Ald. Jason Ervin, 28th, had been one of the loudest critics before voting for the ordinance Wednesday, citing concessions from the administration. Mayoral ally Ald. Walter Burnett Jr. echoed sentiments voiced by several black aldermen that it was time to start showing progress on the police oversight issue even as some questions about the specifics remain unanswered.



Anonymous said...

OT: Terrorist Front Organization CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) Chicago vigorously opposes counter terror tactical training by Illinois Tactical Officers Association. Fuck these terrorist cocksuckers! Please send email to express support to law enforcement and conference officials.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be an absolute disaster. The Ferguson Effect can already be seen throughout CPD. Now that Rahm and the Aldermen have enabled criminals to file complaints aginast Police for anything they wish, and have said complaints be reviewed by "citizens", they have official made the Chicago Police Officer's job IMPOSSIBLE. As a result, the cops will do nothing. No proactive policing, no community policing, no risking their lives to protect the public, no sweat, no blood, no NOTHING!

Which is what the Blacks have been demanding since Trayvon anyways. The Blacks do not like the Police, do not trust the Police, and do not want the Police. And now they will get their wish!

So the time is nigh. The time is now to have that HONEST CONVERSATION the Leftists Liberals are always talking about. It's time to acknowledge that European Americans have very little in common with Blacks. That European Americans embrace and constantly pursue law and order. That European Americans value life, value peace, value property rights. That European Americans cherish single-file lines, women and children first, and the Rules of the Road. And it is these values that come into direct conflict with the African Americans who we share this city with.

Blacks do not embrace, do not understand, and do not desire any of these concepts or principles. And that's fine, It's not their FAULT! It's how they were born. They come from AFRICA. It was ridiculous and naive to believe that Africans would be able to live in harmony with Whites in a European society. WE ARE EXTREMELY DIFFERENT. And these differences did not come to fruition because of differenes in our enviornment or schooling or opportunities. NO, these differenes are GENETIC; they are based on the evolutionary development over hundreds of thousands of years that resulted in Whites and Blacks having such different values, priorities, skills, etc. For instance, look at a Rotweiller and Poodle. Yes, both are Dogs, but a 5 year old could observe there numberous differences. Yet, we are to believe that the only difference between a African and European is the color of their skin? It's silly. WE ARE NOT COMPATIBLE. WE have tried this experiment of living togethe for nearly 300 years and still today neither Whites nor Blacks are happy with the arrangement. We both hate it. Blacks want to be black. Whites want to be white. American is a White Society and we can't force blacks to act white and blacks don't want to act white. Moreover, blacks can't act like blacks in a white society. IT JUST DOESN"T WORK.

So whats the solution? Ultimately to go our own way. But in the meantime, there is an IMMEDIATE SOLUTION. To allow Blacks to establish their OWN police force composed of their OWN people and enforcing laws of their CHOICE. The city can established designated areas where CPD is not permitted; areas that are exclusively the jurisdiction of the Blacks. Then, blacks would not need to worry about using turn signals, driving the speed limit, or obey traffic control devices. Then Blacks would know that they could commit thefts, burglaries, and robberies without fear of an Officer confronting the offender and thereby risking an ESCALATION which could result in bodily harm or death to someone. The Blacks could finally be self-reliant, self-responsible, and solely accountable to themselves. They would have no one to blame but themselves. IT IS WHAT THEY WANT and God Damn It, IT IS THEIR RIGHT. So please Rahm, give them their own spaces with their own police enforcing their own laws which reflect their views, desires, and wishes. Rahm, it is time to pull those evil Chicago Police Officers out of their communities today! Not one White, Latino, or Asian officer will shed a tear. All non-black CPD will gladly leave. And the blacks would be delighted to show them the door. This could be done ASAP. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

How did Alderman O'Shea vote on this?

Anonymous said...

Perfect , , time to reduce alderman to 15
9 have balls , 3 no shows = tiny balls
Run 3 independents
Get rid of the rubber stamp
Save lots of dollars

Anonymous said...

Thoughts? Yea. He he does not care. Run Chicago run. Print it. People are fed up.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome. No way was that Shaved.

Aldo Raine said...

You guys are fucking toast.

Anonymous said...

Missed vote, at McNallys happy hour

Anonymous said...

The Ballerina = Abject Failure. Name one real Accomplishment.


Anonymous said...

The Ballerina = Abject Failure. Name one real Accomplishment.


Anonymous said...

Time to start a 100% White Country somewhere. The mud races have turned the U.S. Into a broke dick Banana Republic that just sucks every penny away slowly from the Hard-Working Middle Class White Society and gives them nothing but more work and higher taxes in return. Time to form a new Nation with steict Laws precluding the mud races from ever entering or becoming a citizen.

No Hillary No Rahm said...

O Shea voted for COPA.
Hope his constituents remember his vote.
Speaking of vote Rahm and his democratic party lackies are going to push Hillary on you.
Remember what his city administration done to you.

Kneegrow Puleeze said...

Great idea...who is going to pay for this??? Yeah, thats what I thought!

Mr. SouthSide said...

God forgive me but I agree with Aldo.

Anonymous said...

Like any American is going to listen those who screw goats, don't use toilet paper,believe in Shareaza law and have 11th century values
Bull Shit

Anonymous said...

stay FETAL my brothers,,,

Anonymous said...

Are you retarded? he voted no along with 4 others. Go suck some cocks

Anonymous said...

Try bowling for a hobby! You talk way too much!

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Aldo Raine said...

So there ARE glimpses of lucidity in your perpetual alcoholic haze?

Anonymous said...

Speed cameras

Anonymous said...

Shut up fool, that comment RULED.

Anonymous said...

He's a joke!!! Corruption at its best!