Tuesday, October 18, 2016

CHICAGO: Hillary Clinton Paid Trump Protesters And TRUMP Supporters Rally Outside Chicago's Trump Tower

Crowds of Trump supporters and protesters swarmed Trump Tower in Chicago Tuesday morning.
The rally comes after dozens of women protested outside Trump Tower in New York City last week, calling on the GOP to pull its endorsement of "sexual predator" Donald Trump in the wake of a video leak that showed the Republican presidential nominee making denigrating comments about women more than a decade ago.

Members of the National Organization for Women chanted "Dump Trump," "Reject Donald Trump" and "This stops NOW."

Sonia Ossorio, the group's president, called Trump a misogynist in an interview with NBC 5’s New York affiliate station and said the leaked tape makes women remember their experiences "of discomforting lewd comments, of knowing men are in the corner talking about you, of being groped."
Trump has played down his 2005 remarks, calling them the product of "locker-room banter." While he has apologized and said he was embarrassed, many felt his explanation trivialized a very real infraction.

The remarks have resonated on college campuses across the country, where groups of students say the comments undermine their efforts to encourage women who have been victimized by sexual assault to stand up and speak out.

The demonstrations come as Trump's caught-on-tape remarks about kissing women and grabbing their genitals threaten an irreparable rift in the Republican party that insiders fear could jeopardize not just the presidential election, but control of Congress as well.

Forty Republican senators and congressmen have revoked their support for Trump — with nearly 30 of them calling on him to quit the race altogether in recent days. House Speaker Paul Ryan told fellow lawmakers on Monday he would not campaign for or defend the businessman in the election's closing weeks. But the head of the Republican National Committee declared he was in full coordination with the embattled presidential nominee.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to,the Ghost of Stalin, New Amerika.

The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy said...

This event in Chicago was in the primary season before Trump was the nominee. I had tickets and didn't go as I had a feeling this violence was going to happen and my date had to work. This is a Congresswoman's (Jan Shitkowsy named misspelled on purpose) husband (felon 10 years in the graybar hotel) from Illinois controlling all this mayhem. Where is all fair Barry, I have been paid for FBI Director James Comey and  I don't see nothing AG Loretta Lynch are on all this. If it was a Republican they would have to resign and offer up their first born in sacrifice as penance.

"She was with Russians too. " the late Warren Zevon from Lawyers, Guns and Money

Yesterday 400 women (Clinton plants) came forward saying Donald Trump gave them a glancing eye 50 years ago when he was going to school at Penn (sic).
Snow White (Megyn Kelly) on Fox News thought that was more important than clandestine operations of the Clinton presidential campaign and grifting operation.

Anonymous said...

Whore yet again !

Anonymous said...

But hey, Obama importing thousands of Mexican rapists is no problem! Because Trump said something about pussies ten years ago!

Anonymous said...

What fucking hypocrites!!!! Trump is bad, but they want to turn a known sexual predator loose on women in the whitehouse??? Take away Slick Willie's viagra and send him somewhere far away to sit and drool in a corner and cut out this shit. Focus on issues that are a threat to Americans who still pay taxes!!

Anonymous said...

More Clinton psyops at work.

Anonymous said...

I wish that old punanny would drop over dead.

Anonymous said...

If it's crooked, conniving, cheating , underhanded dirty tricks,
then yeah, Hellary is behind it.

Anonymous said...

Let's see how the Irish fucks in the 19 th ward vote November 8 th. They all talk a tough game fuck that lying bitch she's a cunt and when the booze wears off they do what they have always done vote democratic.

Jackie Puppet said...

Meanwhile, NONE of these stupid hypocritical CUNTS give a shit that head CUNT Hillary takes millions of bucks from Islamic nations that mutilate girls genitalia when they're young, and treat women like shit in general.

Out of the car Motherfucker!! said...

I'm amazed Hilly has evaded the "LoneNut" Well everytime she is in public is a missed oppertunity!

Deep breath, squeeze the trigger and do the Country a solid!