Tuesday, September 20, 2016

TRUE NEWS USA - Viewer Submitted STUFF!

Court rules Chicago Fire Dept. paramedic test discriminates against women 
Women paramedics don't need to lift heavy patients - that's what male firefighters
are for! 

Google Search Results Skewed To Favor Black Americans

Odd that Obama hasn't mentioned this-Trouble in Black ran paradise. Up to 50 killed, police officer ‘burned alive’ during anti-govt protests in Congo (VIDEO)

FBI Lies Again: NYC Bomber Was On FBI "Radar" After All - His OWN FATHER called the FBI to warn them | Zero Hedge

‘This looks like a bad dude’: Video from police helicopter shows black pastor Terence Crutcher with his hands in the air moments before a female officer shot him dead 

Hillary Clinton says of police behavior after Tulsa shooting is unbearable

‘He’s a Hero’: Off-Duty Cop Jason Falconer Who Shot Minnesota Attacker Is a Competition Shooter

California World Relief refugee contractor lets cat out of bag: next year 20,000-30,000 Syrians will arrive


Shoe said...

Trouble in the Congo again? Hey Negros How's that independence thing working for Ya??Those Belgian red Berets are looking good about now.

Anonymous said...

White Female Cop kills poor Black Pastor,,I hope she likes to eat pussy it would be a good thing if she did, considering where She is going.

Anonymous said...

FYI the Congo is mostly Christian the Muzzies are the anti Government protestors, Gosh Muslims killing Christians, who would have seen that coming??

Anonymous said...

Nothing good will ever happen in the Congo. Read the book "Hot Zone", CDC had to bribe their way in to help negros bleeding out their eyes and ass for unexplained reasons.

Anonymous said...

Last big Mercenary operation was to save the Whites at Leopoldville during the Mau Mau shit.

Anonymous said...

98% of all the bad news at street level is always spooks
and dune coons.
My negro fatigue and muslim fatigue tanks are almost full again.
Guess I'll go put in some more range time, again.

Anonymous said...

I like the video of the nigger who can't do what it is told to do get's sent to hell !!

Anonymous said...

But the Congo is ran by the Negro's not a White in power anywhere so it has to be a paradise right?

Anonymous said...

The Congo should be running as smooth as Haiti and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe without the ?white devils there to fuck things up.
Negros truly do eat each other.

Anonymous said...

I do too. The coons sister calls the Police Officer "incompetent" I thought the Officer was being prudent.
Obey the man with the gun. Its not that hard, asswipes!

Anonymous said...

Bongo bongo, back to the Congo!

If we can' go back to de Congo, weze gonna re-make de Congo in Chicago! Where am my spear?

Anonymous said...

Got 577-450 M-H??

The Keesing Bandit said...

I like to dance in a Conga Line.

Now, kees me you fool!!!!