Monday, September 12, 2016

Slanty Eyed Illegal Gook Sang Le and police officer shocked by Taser during fight in Aurora Starbucks

Slanty Eyed Illegal Gook Sang Le and an Aurora police officer were both shocked by a Taser during an altercation at a far East Side Starbucks on Sunday.

Sang Le, 32, of the 2000 block of Clarendon Lane, Aurora, faces felony charges in connection with the incident that began after two officers responded about 9:19 p.m. to the coffee shop on the 2800 block of East New York Street, police and DuPage County prosecutors said Monday. Employees said a man who had been sitting in the Starbucks for five hours refused to leave when the business closed, according to police reports.

Starbucks employees told police the man became hostile toward employees, telling them to call the police and "get the (expletive) out," according to police reports.

According to reports: One officer asked Le for identification, and he refused; the man asked if police were going to arrest him and stuck out both his wrists; the officers said they just needed his identification and he again refused, this time also telling police he was going to leave if they didn't have a warrant.



Anonymous said...

Should have received additional shocks inside
The Crown Vic, or variation thereof. Sprinkle
Copper pennies on the seat, let him piss himself,
SHOCK. Rinse & Repeat, Yellow Man. It's Shocking
To Me You Would Rebel In The First Place.
Meek, Mild, Asian Man. You Need A Quad Pak
Of 9-VOLTs On Your Dick, Till You Jizz Off And They
Get You For Morals Too. ElectroStim For You,
Seinfeld Says.

Anonymous said...

Detective Charlie Chan called in from Honaruru and say "Dissa alla sounda berry berry fishee too mee".

Anonymous said...

Thank a democrat more chinese are coming in then you can ever imagine.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason the Asian was called GOOK in
Vietnam by U.S. Forces. Now Stateside Police
Know exactly why.

Anonymous said...

Attention APD, Starbucks called because a man refused to leave. You (APD) get there and he refuses to show ID. You arrest him, end of story, case closed, call should now be over. "Oh no sir, we just want your ID....blah blah pussificstion blah blah blah". He stuck out his wrists. He asked for it by name! Stop with the counseling feel good bullshit. He was asked to leave once by the business, and then once by APD. No more after that. Be the police.

Anonymous said...

Me love you long time !!

Anonymous said...

Build Wall.

Anonymous said...

Gooks are usually sensitive to electricity.
Gooks in Vietnam had to contend with shocks
From truck batteries, generators, Radio Equipment.
Usual reaction was screaming, pleading, begging,
And total respect for their captors.

Anonymous said...

Auroa has been a dump for some time now, a least 40 years now.

Mr. SouthSide said...

Sitting in Starbucks for five hours and drinking that swill will decimate anyone's mind. Look at the north side. All zombies and Hillary voters.

Mastah Lu said...

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Anonymous said...

Ok keyboard warrior. You have no idea how the police actually do their jobs do you?