Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hotel on Chicago's lakefront? I guess Daniel Burnham's great plan of no buildings on the lakefront doesn't apply to Rahm Emanuel's connected friends.... City Council’s Zoning Committee signs off on Navy Pier makeover

Navy Pier’s “carnival-like, 30-year-old aesthetics” would be replaced with “open, green space,” a hotel and a host of new attractions under an ambitious overhaul advanced Monday.

Those changes, it is hoped, would help boost year-round attendance by 33 percent within five years, a pier official said.

The City Council’s Zoning Committee signed off on a long-awaited makeover of the state’s No. 1 tourist attraction that would bring to life the underutilized east end of Navy Pier with an elevated walkway and reflecting pool.

The centennial makeover also includes a seven-story, 240-room hotel; a seasonal ice-skating rink within the footprint of the fountain and surrounding lawn; a sloped-roof welcome pavilion with 4,000 square feet of café, retail, cultural and recreation space; and short-term boat docking facilities on the north side of the pier.

The hotel is expected to come first along the pier’s south dock. The rest of the improvements will depend on the generosity of private donors.

A $20 million “legacy gift” from the Polk Bros. Foundation, which bankrolled a new park at the entrance of Navy Pier and other elements of the phase one makeover, is expected to provide momentum for the fundraising campaign ahead.

“This removes the carnival-like, 30-year aesthetic that should have gone a long time ago and replaces it with open green space,” said downtown Ald. Brendan Reilly (42nd), whose ward includes Navy Pier.



Anonymous said...

Those changes, it is hoped, would help boost year-round attendance by 33 percent within five years, a pier official said.


Anonymous said...

I smell a jew....

stash the polski guy said...

dont worry all you pensioners from the city. ran(UPYOURASS) will find the money then finance the shit out of it.

Dennis Delaney said...

The land on the banks of the Chicago river belongs to the Canal authority and does not follow Chicago rules Dennis

Mr. SouthSide said...

Are they going to paint the cement green?

Anonymous said...

Motherfuck a Rham!

Anonymous said...

Somehow, Someway, Daley is in on this Deal
The Old Irish Kick-Back "I Got The Connections
For You." Hey, it's expensive to live here on the
Gold Coast, so I have to continue working in my
Old Age (more like I just can't give up that RICO shit)

Anonymous said...

When completed it will have droves of crime coons looking for fresh
new (stupid) targets to rob, rape and murder.

Anonymous said...

Richard M. Daley, Master of Multi-Level Marketing
Like Tom Hagen, he sold only One Product
The City: Chicago
24/7 365
Every angle, every transaction, every deal
Every birth, every death, every meal
Studied the Mafia flow charts and learned how
To read backwards
Studied the Mafia like John Phillips studied
The Radio
His destination: The Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

Aint' got no $$$ for pension payments but can squeeze out another $20M for some bullshit at the Pier...

The only thing that's gonna raise attendance at all is:

* Reduce taxes

* Reduce Fees

* Shutdown redlight and speed cameras

* Lower parking costs

* BAN NIGGERS downtown! Bring back wood shampoos for niggers!

* When someone commits a crime downtown - stealing phones, punching out tourists, etc. Beat that fucker to within an inche of their life and toss them in the fucking lake.