Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WLS-AM Drops the Sean Hannity Radio Show and picks up Michael Savage (The Savage Nation) at 6pm to 9pm weekdays - WND ASKS: Can Rush Limbaugh be toppled from No. 1?

Sean Hannity Radio Show Now On WIND-AM CHICAGO 560 am

Michael Savage
This week, Dr. Savage’s broadcasting career achieved a new milestone: His show began broadcasting on more stations than ever and switched from an evening timeslot to prime afternoon drive time.
Savage welcomed his new audience and thanked long time listeners for sticking with him (Free audio).
“I’m not a newcomer to this business,” he said on his first show of 2014. “I’ve been around for 20 years as of this March 21st. Before this, The Savage Nation had the third largest audience. My estimation is that, within six months to a year, this show will be the No. 1 show in America.”
David Hinkley profiled Savage in the New York Daily News, as the radio host prepared to take over Sean Hannity’s spot on the city’s prestigious WABC station.
Hinkley wrote, “A typical Savage show will weave through food, travel, music and his dog Teddy as he sorts out the events of the day.”
Rush Limbaugh
Changes were also afoot for Limbaugh, who, like Hannity, has moved from WABC to WOR and shifted to other stations as well.
In his first monologue of the year, he called these moves “monumental” and “a huge thing” (Free audio).
“It may not be much to those of you out there,” Limbaugh said. “I’m giving you inside baseball stuff. But in terms of the inside baseball business aspect, these are big moves, and there’s a lot involved here in the move that I’m not gonna get into. … It wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t what was the best for the EIB Network and for the audience.”
Limbaugh also paid tribute to conservative talk radio pioneer Bob Grant, who passed away at age 84 (Free audio).
Limbaugh remembered Grant as a humble, generous man, who graciously helped Rush when he was first starting out in the radio business.

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Anonymous said...

Too many commercials on the hannity show. After the first half hour it was all repeated dialouge

Anonymous said...

I used to really like Savage until he got on his anti-assault weapons kick, now not as much. Just because he owns a nouse gun he thinks he knows what is best for the rest of us. Still, more entertaining than Hannity.

SpankDaddy said...

He is really entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Rush is the Gold Standard. Hannity just repeats the same tired old lines all the time and seems to me a liberal without knowing it, liberalism being the point of departure for his thinking. Savage may be a crackpot sometimes, but he's our crackpot.

Anonymous said...

Hannity is boring savage seems better.

joany said...

Hannity is a lightweight...looking forward to more substance with Savage.

Anonymous said...

Pushy, pushy jay eee double you. You got Roe and Roper, Bruce Wolf and now this Shmata! All day long we got Jews telling us what to think and nobody says anything about it. This is what happened in Nazi Germany. They got in front of everything and people eventually snapped out of their trance and revolted. 2% of the population and 100% of the air waves. I listened to Bruce Wolf pine on about how it's our patriotic duty to kill everyone in Iran. Why do we have to do it. Let those gutless sheenise, ( how do you spell sheene?)hop into the jets we bought for them and go do it themselves.

Anonymous said...

Michael Weiner the New York Jew. Trying to out do the fat ass, pill popping, failed marriage loudmouth Limbaugh. Fuck em. All these talk show/ talk radio assholes are manipulative idiots who barely have an intelligent thought of their own. They only use other peoples emotions to fuel anger and hate.

Anonymous said...

Savage is an asshole. Used to be good , but I've grown tired of his Jew rants.