Friday, May 24, 2013

LAW ENFORCEMENT SAFETY ALERT - Liberty Ultra-Defense Ammo - Able to penetrate bullet proof vest / body armor

**Urgent, New Special Threat Round Identified** PLEASE SHARE
All, please share this with all pertinent Law Enforcement personnel.
We at Dana Safety Supply were recently offered and received a shipment of ammunition from one of our larger distributors. This ammunition was sold as "self defense rounds" and were touted as being "extremely hot".
Upon receipt of the ammunition we immediately saw it as a threat to body armor. The bullet nose is "lead-free", extremely light (50 gr. 9mm & 60 gr. .40 cal), has a hollow point nose with a hollowed out interior, and is marketed as the "Fastest known handgun ammunition in the world" with muzzle velocities in excess of 2000 FPS.
The speed and bullet construction raised significant concern to the safety of our LEO customers. A decision was made by Dana Safety Supply NOT TO OFFER THE AMMUNITION TO THE OPEN MARKET until testing could be completed.
I alerted one of the armor companies we represent (company name withheld at this time) and brought the round to their attention. A box of 9mm and .40 cal were overnighted to their testing facilities two weeks ago.
In the interim we utilized our in-house shoot box and a non-expired, NIJ 0101.05 Interim Standard Level II vest (manufacturer withheld) to do our own non-official testing. Many LEO's are still wearing '.05 Interim Standard vests.
The vest was mounted to a standard "torso" shoot box filled with clay. The clay utilized was not the standard "Roma Plastilina" clay utilized in official shoots, nor was it standardized to the correct temperature range. The shots were also not chronographed during the shoot. The shoot was for informational purposes only and was non-scientific.
Out of 12 total rounds fired into the vest panel, 6 penetrated.
This morning we received a telephone call from the armor manufacturer who was officially testing the ammunition, this time shooting against CURRENT TECHNOLOGY NIJ 0101.06 Standard Level II vest. The '.06 vest stopped all of the 9mm ammunition, but four out of eight rounds of USM4 .40 Cal penetrated the armor in laboratory conditions.
In speaking with the distributor of the ammunition it was found that the following box counts were received and subsequently sold into the open market:
6,750 Boxes of 20 were sold in .45 ACP
7,500 Boxes of 20 were sold in .40 Cal
33,400 Boxes of 20 were sold in 9mm
That is ONE distributor, this ammunition was sold through numerous other national suppliers.
DSS will not sell this ammunition to other than LEO / Military Personnel. I do not believe other firearms suppliers know of the armor penetrating characteristics of this ammunition, and therefore believe it is flooding into the market. Ammunition sales are at an all time high level, and although this is expensive ammunition we believe it will be widely purchased.
Please be aware of this new threat. The FBI is being advised through the armor manufacturer as well and will likely be sending out an advisement nationwide.
Thank you for your selfless dedication to the safety of the public, we remain committed to supporting you in every way possible through technology, communication, and above all, service.
Thomas Sabo
General Manager
Dana Safety Supply
813-361-8004 cell
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Anonymous said...

But can it penetrate the thick skull of a mudman?

Anonymous said...

Don't get your panties in a bunch. All rifle ammo penetrates your vests. Some pistols are in rifle calibers. Thus they will also penetrate the standard vest. .22 magnum FMJ will probably penetrate. 5.7 mm handguns will penetrate. Bullet configuration and velocity is what counts. You carried the story, now everyone knows. Also, multiple hits from standard handgun calibers may also penetrate. It's why they're called bullet resistant vests, not bullet proof vests.

Anonymous said...

Test it on Dragon Skin.

Anonymous said...

At damn near $2 a round, I seriously doubt nogs will be ordering this. Almost every gun I took off a youth was either half loaded or had the wrong caliber.

Anonymous said...

yep pretty pricey stuff in .40 and .45 but I made a 500 round each investment.

I aim at black not blue so your safe Officer.If this is 2000 fps,know it will cause major damage to the handgun with repeated use. My barrels are sleeved and my slide stops are reinforced ever since I started using Corbon ammo.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry - Illinois will pass a law against it. That will ensure no criminals get a hold of this ammo. Right, Chicago politicians?

Anonymous said...

Y'know....Some nignogs can read!

Anonymous said...

Get a class III vest

Anonymous said...

2000fps out of a 3 or 4 inch ? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Only Kryptonite can....

Mississippi Madman said...

Anonymous said...
2000fps out of a 3 or 4 inch ? I doubt it.

May 24, 2013 at 10:32 PM

agree that does seem way too "hot"

Eric Blair has no insurance said...

YOU BUILD THE WALL? I'll build the ladders ! YOU DIG THE HOLE? I'll make the rope! YOU BUILD THE MOUNTAIN? I'll build the helicopter !

Bamboo barrel-steel barrel - composite barrel!
Bullets-vest-better bullets-vest plates-faster bullets or bigger bullets-armor penetrating bullets-tanks+ RPG's- DRONES -MISSES -ATOMIC BOMBS!


SpankDaddy said...


Anonymous said...

The .17 cal super mag would probably do it too 2000FPS.

Anonymous said...

Some good video of Liberty Rounds in action!

What is with this banning Ammo shit?
Same old fears from the past renewed?

Niggers who know basic chemistry can make teflon covered bullets as can anyone else... That or buy them from various places.

As another poster pointed out: Other ammo shot from the correct gun (rifle) will go into a vest unless it has a ceramic plate over it.

How do you think vests get sewn? WITH SHARP NEEDLES! Bullet proof vests stop knife slashes but can't even stop all puncture and stabbing attacks even...

This ammo costs $$$$.

I expect some rich Mexican drug lords to buy it up in bulk but no niggers here in Chicago are going to pay north of $1.50 per round.

A vest is better then no vest. That said, there is more to keeping safe then your gear and guessing or fearing what the other guy might be armed with.

Dems want to 'ban guns to keep us safe'. That is BS!

How is the 'ban certain types of ammo to keep us safe' that far of a leap in some contexts? This is a slippery slope... Teflon covered or not.

Anonymous said...

The really scary thing is that some of you racist fucks may actually be law enforcement.
You sick fucks are more dangerous to the world than any blacks that I know!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Eddie Torres said...

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so little pigs shut up and do the damn job.

Anonymous said...

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