Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chicago ranks dead last in federal firearm indictments/arrests


Anonymous said...

dead last cause the stooges have their orders, don't be putting millions of colored in prison.
signed Barrack insane obama

Anonymous said...

Chicago needs more gun laws - so they can not be enforced.

Anonymous said...

Chicago ATF will not touch a case unless dude is a heinous felon with shit-ton of convictions...even for sawed off shotguns...multiple violent felonies...etc. Pathetic.

Traitors go Home said...

Violate rules! Lose job!

Violate constitution? Lose everything and your name will be MUDD and never saw John Booth?

Second Amendment is not a crime but a necessity for a free State!

Aldo Raine said...

Dead last because the democRATs dare not upset their voting base - the Mudman and illegal Beanos who got their credentials on 26th Street from a certain relative of an alderwhore.

Anonymous said...

OT: Did you think that scum bag liberal Rep Elaine Nekritz was legit. She hates the Police but will not go after welfare fraud or abuse.

Sangamon County Judge “unavailable” to Address Conflict of Interest In Retiree Health Premiums Case

Interesting article about the recent court decision regarding Health Care for retirees.

Anonymous said...

We're #1. We're #1.

Too bad because it would help with the murder rate.

Anonymous said...


Illinois State Police trooper helps raise car off U of I student

RANTOUL -- An Illinois state trooper helped lift a car off of a University of Illinois student on Interstate 57 during Monday's heavy snow.

State Trooper Brian Scott was helping motorists whose vehicles were stopped north of Rantoul because of snow. He said he saw the car skid into 21-year-old Ethan Asofsky and come to rest on him.

The News-Gazette in Champaign reports that Scott is a 300-pound former lineman who played for the University of Illinois football team in the late 1990s. After failing to lift the car on his own he enlisted the help of two other people and finally raised the car high enough for Asofsky's friend to pull him free.

Asofsky is from Chicago and was listed in fair condition Tuesday at a Champaign hospital.

Anonymous said...

The ATF has never been involved in Chicago!

Anonymous said...

Control the niggers, and you'll control all the violence. Guns don't shoot by themselves. Quit rippin off Taxpayers with new Laws and other crime fighting brain farts. If colords didn't all vote Democrat, you chicago democrat commie politicians would b roundin em up by the truckload.

Anonymous said...

Negro Control, NOT Gun Control

Anonymous said...

No Fed School Zone filing here:

Regarding the Wisconsin lady who left her purse in a school in Harvard IL, with a gun in it.

McHenry County
CASE ID 12CF000826

9/4/12 CRIMINAL FELONY 720-5/24-1(a)(4) possess firearm in school

3/6/13 Dismissed superceded by Grand Jury Inditement

9/26/12. Added charge: 720-5/24-1(A)(10) Possess Firearm in public place

3/6/13 Judgement-conviction reduced to Misd.
18 months Cond Discharge
$1070.00 Fine
100 Hrs Public Service

Anonymous said...

Consider this: Watch the local news.Read the local papers. Listen to the police scanner. Then feel SO GOOD about:Paying higher taxes,getting less while paying more, and being called a racist

Anonymous said...

It's supposed to negro control ,not gun control. Guns have more brains.ATF knows it would be on shit list if it locks up negroes and wandering illegal spics.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Chocogo sucks

Anonymous said...

Feds in Chicago DeadLast in arresting and indicting corrupt Democrat Politicians for over 50 years now too.

Anonymous said...

Well, there are certainly enough of those here in Chimpcongo, to keeo them busy for several decades!

Anonymous said...

because they do not prosecute blacks like they prosecute whites.

If your a white retaired fire fighter you are a criminal.

if you are black and a gang banger you are an up and coming citizen of the community.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are not prosecuted very much.