Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Taco Cid 'How To Catch An Illegal Immigrant' T-Shirt Allegedly Worn By Employee (PHOTO)

Taco Cid's T-Shirt riles up the Illegal Beaners....Boo-Hoo!

Taco Cid, a Mexican restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina, is under fire for serving up tacos with a side of racism.

A photo posted to Twitter on Sunday shows an alleged Taco Cid employee wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "How to catch an illegal immigrant" and an image of a wooden trap with tacos used as bait. Corey Hutchins, a local reporter for the Free Times, first tweeted the image, according to the Palmetto Public Record.

Taco Cid declined to comment to The Huffington Post on Monday, but an employee told ThinkProgress that Taco Cid employees do in fact wear the T-shirt, which is also for sale to patrons.
Unfortunately, racism is a common ingredient at some restaurants.

A recent North Carolina State University survey found that 40 percent of waiters admitted to treating customers differently based on their race. Of the waiters surveyed, 90 percent said they had participated in or overhead racially-charged conversations among their co-workers.

Taco Cid isn't the first small business to find itself in hot water after making controversial political statements.
In New Jersey, a clothing store owner faced criticism after displaying images that depicted President Barack Obama as a witch doctor. At Springdale Cleaners in Cincinnati, Ohio, owner Paul Dehler found himself under fire for returning laundered clothing to customers on wire hangers that featured pro-life messages.

UPDATE: 5:40 p.m. -- After publication, Nathan Sloan, who identified himself as the photographer, told HuffPost that the person wearing the Taco Cid T-shirt in the photo was an employee standing at the restaurant's front register.


Anonymous said...

Big deal, the country is broke,high unemployment, and these politically correct cocksuckers, are worried about hurt feelings.

Anonymous said...

YES!!! HaHaaaaa!!!

That's too good :D

Fuck those lib crybabies!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a funny shirt. Too fucking bad if people don't like it. Do you think anyone would give a shit if they showed a head of cabbage under the box or a bowl of spaghetti or some pierogi ? Well Pollocks wouldn't understand it but that's beside the point.

Anonymous said...

Every rap song is about blamin "the man" or the cops. White people don't cry about it.
I can not think of one popular song that slams blacks or hispanics.

Anonymous said...

The correct term is illegal alien.

Anonymous said...

The Democrat Communist Politically Correct T Shirt police will make sure this doesn't happen again. What the fuck happend to FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Like the 2nd Amendment it doesn't fit into the script of Communist Democrats in America.

Anonymous said...

too bad

Anonymous said...

Who would buy tacos from a white guy?? Might as well go to Taco Bell.

Anonymous said...

The photo looks like he may be putting a little leche con pee pee on a taco

Anonymous said...

looks like he's taking a piss on the mexicans tacos.

Anonymous said...

Taco eaters is a race?

Even Mexican isn't a race...

So what is racist about the T?

Anonymous said...

Get some pungi sticks, a shovel and head over to Gompers Park some night. You should bag a few over there depending on how many holes you want to dig.

Anonymous said...


It don't look like he's working no register to me!

Looks like either he's working his own money maker or somebody's getting extra "warmed special sauce" on his Tacos?

We can count 450.000.000 people but we can't subtract 200,000,000 parasites and traitors?

Get out the RIFD chip gun and find some Tits and Ass !

They will crosscut shred their khoknees sell their American automatic weapons back to.the Americans, sell their internal organs and make clothes, furniture and seat covers out or the rest:
or starve!

Could this be an ICE sting? said...

The silent partner is a Coyote and the boss is a part time mule?

PS: Strike off, Columbia, South Carolina it's contaminated!

Anonymous said...

The tshirt could also say "hand out free drivers licenses" I'm sure we will catch a lot that way...

Anonymous said...

This kid looks like he is jacking off on the next order of tacos.

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy one?

Anonymous said...

I want a shirt like that 1

SpankDaddy said...


Anonymous said...

from the website;

What they call “beefy” is what we call GREASY! Taco Cid uses real, fresh ingredients for toppings.

There is a difference here.

• 100% Ground Chuck Beef – Lean USDA ground chuck beef from the local meat market.

• Homemade Shells – We make them fresh – DAILY. We don't open a plastic wrapper!

• 100% Real Cheese & Sour Cream – Immitation is an ugly word!

• Supporting the Community – We purchase our veggies, meats and supplies from Sout Carolina

local businesses, when they’re available, supporting other small business right here.

We’re not national. We’re not fancy. Just friendly and satisfying! Give us a try!

Yes, our shirts are for sale to the public.

Call Taco Cid (803) 794-4008. Or come see us for lunch or dinner.

Open Monday through Saturday. Closed Sundays (observance of a day of worship)






Please call Taco Cid to order.

(803) 794-4008

We are still amazed as to how people are reacting to our t-shirts "how to catch an ILLEGAL immigrant".

We serve every individual with the same quality of service, and respect in a friendly and welcoming manner.

Our food is prepared fresh daily and served in the SAME QUALITY and QUANTITY, regardless of your gender, race, religion or political views. We are an equal opportunity employer and will hire anyone who meets our needs and is a legal citizen or legal immigrant. All hirees are submitted for verification of citizenship or legal residency. We do not hire, nor condone the hiring of illegal immigrants, as per South Carolina state law.

As tax paying Americans, we believe ILLEGAL immigrants are burdening the system we support and live under, thereby, causing us to work harder and pay higher taxes to support the illegal activities which our government has turned a blind eye towards. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, is heading up immigration reform. The driving force behind reform is the estimated trillions in revenue to be collected from the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. At the same time, we support the immigration reform so that everyone will pay their fair share in taxes and be protected equally by the U.S. Constitution and state laws.

If you agree with our view on American Equality in citizenship, legalization and tax fairness, then show your support and come join us for lunch or dinner. If you do not agree, we understand.

Regardless of your views, if you patron our establishment, we look forward to serving you!

We are open Monday through Saturday and closed Sundays (observing a day of worship and a day of rest).

©2013 Taco Cid. All rights reserved.

Anonymous said...

This isn't racist. What's wrong with a little humor once in a while. Its not like their really trapping Mexicans.

Connie Diaz said...

The trap works! 8 of me cousins and nieces were caught in one of those!


Taco out smarts mexicans? Wow!

Of course white people make tacos... We mexicans make italian food and greek food and we do sushi now... No matter what kitchen you eat at- we is doing the cookin!


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Nutria said...

The fingerprint and SWAB DNA part didn't make it so since they will get ten I'll get a couple too?!!!

ID theft will become galactic !

Anonymous said...

But there are no cats or dogs in the neighbor hood?

Your freedom of speech will last until the verdict!

Parasite, traitor , coyote!

Anonymous said...

Of course white people make tacos... We mexicans make italian food and greek food and we do sushi now... No matter what kitchen you eat at- we is doing the cookin!


January 9, 2013 8:28 PM
That's exactly why I don't eat at Italian restaurants very often anymore. You fucks don't don't know how to make Italian food. Stupid fucks can't even follow a recipe.

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Anonymous said...

Please some body shut this guy the fuck cracker scum .you are one stupid cracker

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