Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rahm Emanuel & Garry McCarthy shake up the Chicago Police C.A.P.S. Program - No more OVERTIME PAY

Mayor Emanuel is shaking up Chicago's community police program called CAPS.

What they're doing is blowing up most of the community policing bureaucracy and telling every cop that they are community policing officers.

And by the way, police are being given no overtime to do it, says Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, "Well why should we be paying officers to do their job? I don't understand."

Mayor Emanuel agrees, "Community policing is part of your philosophy. You don't get paid overtime for doing the job."
This is not expected to improve the already bad relations between the mayor and the police union.


Anonymous said...

And the deck chairs on the Titanic move around once more. What slimeball pals of Rahm and GMc will get that overtime now?

Anonymous said...

And the deck chairs on the Titanic move around once more. What slimeball pals of Rahm and GMc will get that overtime now?

Anonymous said...

SAPS revising CAPS.

Anonymous said...

CAPS was always a con job to begin with. It never worked and never will. Now the Evil Asshole mayor wants to give us more work to do without any compensation. How about that cool $1 million you gave to the schools to start gardens on school property Klunt Mayor? How about that $50 million you are going to piss away om Maggot Park? Throw all that cash into our sick pension fund you fucking Weasel Bastard!

Anonymous said...

CAPS has been dead for years. On duty officers only will now have to suffer through a few hours of people beefing about parking tickets and dogs without leashes. Who really gives a Fuck?

Anonymous said...

Concealed carry works. caps only when I'm MAD I USE CAPS.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they cut out the O/T for CAPS(Meetings) long ago?

Anonymous said...

So what? Crime's down right?????

Anonymous said...

"You want me to leave the office and go where?" Y'all must be crazy.

Anonymous said...

LoL. We don't get paid overtime to do "the job". You're absolutely correct McDumbass. As long as we're not doing "the job", whatever the fuck that is, outside of our regularly scheduled tour of duty you idiot. Somebody please hit McStupid in the head with our contract now.

Anonymous said...

Aww, now the caps slackers wont get paid to go on ski trips (and bring their own kids), no sympathy here. If they even put in a full week of work I would be shocked. Caps, as i saw it, was just another clout spot.


The sun rises in the West.
There is an Easter Bunny.
There are not one, but 7 Loch Ness Monsters.
The surface of the Sun is cold.
Elvis was not the King of Rock N' Roll - Jim Nabors was.
Crime is down in Chicago.

What other universal truths of the universe do you want to put into the Bizarro World perspective?

Anonymous said...

Somebody take away their belts they are looney tunes.

Anonymous said...

Why not send the bosses, starting with the Sgts. and above. They get paid that 3/4 of an hour everyday for doing nothing

Anonymous said...

as i stated on the slum-times Tiny and the streetlightmarksman have failed and ran out of ideas. now they are recycling the old ones watch next is "Predictive_ analytics" remember that one? the "crystal ball unit"
using Inductive method of Geospatial_Predictive_Modeling then the "boxes"
it's the gangs that need to be handled not guns by bringing back TRF and MSF units and hireing more police is the answer and let them be "pre-emptive" rather then reactivelet the beat cops do thier jobs they know who doing what and who to concentrate on the corners and the drug markets morning , noon and night

Nutria said...

The batteries in the CRAPS magic wand are going dead when they go completely dead they will throw it on the fire with the rest of the worthless overpriced chickenshit this MICKEY MOUSE carnival has come up with?

The Song Remains The Same said...

AnonymousJanuary 8, 2013 6:33 PM
Why not send the bosses, starting with the Sgts. and above. They get paid that 3/4 of an hour everyday for doing nothing

Hey crybaby bitch, maybe once you get some time on the job you too can take a test and possibly get promoted. Grow up sissy!

john said...

If " Predictive Analysis" worked so good-- take it to the markets-- stock- bond- currencies and make a fortune. Lots of luck with another BS program

old retired guy

Anonymous said...

probably use the money to pay englewood GD ball players to tell the animals its ok to tell on someone who does something bad. Fuckin joke.. Hey Jersey, we already paid the thugs a million. That didn't work.. Its called a disfunctional culture who act on animal instict. Simple research shows that they can't help themselves.

Anonymous said...

The REVRUNS should not get paid to do their jobs either. "It take a village to rays a chile".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Two assholes........what can you say.



Cabbage beans hot boiled eggs ( with the green sulfur yoke) Came early 7 row center Farter and snore until I got my time due slip sighed AND CO-SIGNED, THEN WARNED THEM NEVER TO DO IT AGAIN OR I would ACTUALLY say some thing that they never wanted ANYBODY TO HEAR,there or downtown thru the brass gold star spys on the dais! If they didn't go into myocardian Heart attack or cardiac arrest ?

The topic: A night shift hoop shooting jogger in the park; alone by the new condoms. Church parking in a zone unticketed. Barking pets.

The grand price game:
A short bootleg club (open door drive off type) and a $2.99 smoke detector ( not the good ones CFD gives free)

My only CAPS meeting or WAR STORY?
Went to my CAPS meeting and STFU!
But I didn't puke after and they gave away one day parking passes?

But if your really curious; you could look up that high heeled Victoria Secret top and garter belt no panties bottom, M-F s-s DOG nut draining management pick foreskin bruiser.
Has never missed one meeting or had the carpet muncher fill in?

They made them dicks (out of what or how me don't know) at 35th?

So now they got a friendly fella, no garter belt but panties!

Anonymous said...

Hey crybaby bitch, maybe once you get some time on the job you too can take a test and possibly get promoted. Grow up sissy!

January 8, 2013 7:54 PM

Or maybe he can suck enough cock to get merit promoted like you!

First Amendment said...

See SCC McCarthy to murder CCW Citizens?

Remind him with our firearms no training policy not to aim at them or they won't hit any thing.

When NYPD embraced federally mandated simunitions training and paint ball programs eleven years ago did you Fib to the Tiny Dancer or send a forget memo to Quimm?

Sheriff Joe on Arizona is giving his volunteers over 100 hours on the static and animated (don't look for it we don't have them) ranges?

Before they protect their SCHOOLS before and after they are sworn, if they decide to join!
No redundant registration or CCW/ PERMIT ETC.
If your there legally the constitution apply?

Your way ain't working and they didn't have over 500 murders last year.

Try it? You May keep your jobs and the loss of tax paying armed citizens will pay their REASONABLE taxes here for your salaries OR go to Arizona where there are no redundant extortion taxes?

Repeating just add NYPD pays their peoples pensions by protecting their people.

Their CCW law is on it's way to the SCOTUS to be overturned again and if we follow with that front room carry permit but back porch/garage ban it too will be overturned AGAIN!

Pay us and give us the tools to protect them and you will attract taxpayers! Don't protect the.pension thieves and Governor DON'T give illegal criminal trespassing aliens identification and drivers licences with NON-ENGLISH tests!

Oh Oh To late on the licences better valley INS AND ICE to collect them as they leave the SOS offices!
That's the WRONG WAY TO MAKE REVENUE unless you want to play checkers with RYAN or half the city council ?

Banned by scc :-(

Anonymous said...

bring back SOS... Fuck you and SOS. What a waiste of a squad car. About time someone flushed the toilet on that shit fest. Arrogant jagoffs..