Thursday, January 10, 2013

Idiot mother leaves 18 month old anchor baby Kimberly Delgado in a running car as she goes in the house - and yes the car gets stolen with the baby in it! We should charge this welfare momma with the expenses it took to recovery the car and baby!

Police say they have found an 18-month-old girl who was left in a running car that was stolen from a parking lot in Bensenville early Thursday morning.
The car was found hours later abandoned about a mile away, and Kimberly Delgado was still strapped in her car seat in the back of the black Buick, police said. She appeared safe and unharmed, but was being checked as precaution.
"She was still bundled up," Bensenville Police chief Frank Kosman said.


Mr. SouthSide said...

I thought they destroyed Bensenville for O'Hare expansion?

Anonymous said...

the illegal immagrant that stole the car was so overjoyed that gov.potatohead and Tiny The Terrible
gave him a free d/l that he wanted to celebrate by doing a couple of victory laps

Anonymous said...

The news could not overemphasize enough that the mother only left the kid for a moment in the unattended running vehicle as she only walked to the front door of the apartment complex.
The news reporter seemed to be making excuses for the mother. What they didn't overemphasize was the fact that if was midnight!

Connie diaz said...

Nawww she not illegal she born hear

Anonymous said...

No, the illegals and white trash destroyed it first.

Connie Diaz said...

Why do mad? It not like they nor 1000 more anchor babies to follows.... This week!