Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chicago Cops: Black Boy, 13, arrested after bringing unloaded gun to school

A 13-year-old black boy was arrested after he brought an unloaded revolver and ammunition to his South Side school and stored them in his locker, authorities said.

School officials confronted the boy around 1 p.m. Wednesday after hearing he was carrying bullets, according to police and Chicago Public Schools. They found a 3-inch folding knife in the boy's pocket and, while questioning him, learned he had found the gun and ammunition and brought them to school.

The revolver and bullets were found in a bookbag in the boy's locker, police said.

The boy was cited as a juvenile with unlawful use of a weapon.
It was not known where the boy found the gun or who it belonged to.


Anonymous said...

learned he had found the gun and ammunition and brought them to school.

"It aint' mine, I fount it"

Anonymous said...

he was turning it in y'know like ceasefire would do that's all he was going to turn it in but was waiting for lunch so he wouldn't miss his class on civics
but you know that white devil controlled news never trust the white devil just ask Father Flukey at st.sabina's dez always trying to make the black man look bad

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

This is overt racism, the gun was black, if it had been a silver or tan gun this wouldn't be an issue

Anonymous said...

Children don't go to jail that's why they shoot adults when they get mad.

Anonymous said...

Slap on the wrist

Anonymous said...

Did the little nigger have his Jr FOID card on him?

Gibs Me Dat! said...

Stoopid nigga dun forgots to load his gun!

Anonymous said...

He was Mexican. Not a huge difference though.