Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chicago's Field Museum faces several financial challenges - down to a skeleton crew... Sorry the pun!

What does Maggie Daley and the Field Museum have in common?
Right about now they are both nothing but bones!
Chicago can't help Field Museum - gave all the money to the Maggie Daley Corruption Park!

The elephants will remain. Nobody is evicting Sue the Dinosaur. And the mummies can continue to rest in peace­ — albeit on public display.
The Field Museum is facing a financial squeeze, but don’t think in terms of jarring change in the way it operates. If all goes well, its status should remain assured.


Anonymous said...

Close it, sell it, let the niggers make a Community Center out of it, WGAF anymore. This City is down the toilet. Ruined by Democrat Politicians.

Anonymous said...

I hear "Famous Daves" wants to open a new rib shack there.
Leon will probably get the minority contract though.

Mt Greenwood Hillbilly said...

I paid once to get into a Chicago Museum. Never again.

Reap what you have sown.

Anonymous said...

daleys cunt wife is burning in hell...hopefully *dick* joins her soon.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Her's my Christmas song I posted to SCC. I think it says it all!


Shots are fired, can you hear em
Coppers come, no one fears em
The gangbangers fight
and light up the night
Walkin in our great Chicagoland

In the districts you can see the crime scenes
Each and every district that you go
City leaders comin up with new schemes
To wash away the blood with all the snow

Even though they're
Courts are way to congested
They're out before you
To shoot someone new
Walkin in our great Chicagoland

In this state the pardons are a flyin
No one does a sentence day for day
Instead these dirty scumbags should be fryin
And the mayor wants to take our guns away

All the pols will conspire
Till the day you retire
To make you look bad
And take what you've had
Walkin in our great chicagoland

Anonymous said...

What will Sue do? What indeed...

[The Dino bone prop up is named Sue, for those who did not know]

That is too bad really. Shit, I went to the BMO Bank opening of the Maharaja exhibit not too long back...

Could not tell the place was hurting for dough then... Still that was a sponsored invite only evening event. Sucks that Super Nigger Obama and Captain For The Kids would mismanage the economy and the hurt would be shared by all, museums included.

Predictable, yes. Sucks still, also yes.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the asshole who runs that place make about $300,000 a year?

Anonymous said...

This is sad. But if they sell off those stuffed animals I am getting one

noone90210 said...

High admission and exhibit prices, coupled with possible muggings are guaranteed to keep potential museum visitors away.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Doesn't the asshole who runs that place make about $300,000 a year?"

I heard $318k with total comprehension figured. Don't quote me however. That could be way off.

I can say that Museum Curators and Specialists make base salary of $60k-$69k. Add in that you can double or triple that amount for big city (LA/NYC etc) museums and you get the picture.

Some Field Museum workers get $80k a year. That is confirmed.

It's not about the money however:

noone90210 said...

Yes, for a non-profit (i.e. for legal and tax purposes) museum, some people are paid huge salaries. :(

In a way, with Internet, museums are (almost) obsolete.

Anonymous said...

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