Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Who hung Barack Obama effigy from a billboard? Police are stumped!

Mitt Romeny says it was NOT him and he has an alibi!

Our view: In unsolved Obama effigy case, surely someone must have seen something

News Tribune editorial: Three weeks ago today, someone — or a group of someones — put a President Obama mask over the face of what has been described as a scarecrow, wrapped a rope around the scarecrow’s neck and threw the rope over the top of a billboard across from Miller Hill Mall. Sadly, authorities appear no closer today than they were Nov. 6 to catching anyone responsible for the cowardly, racist and hateful act.
By: News Tribune staff, Duluth News Tribune


Anonymous said...

Cowardly? Racist?

No, but the Secret Service will investigate because this may be construed to be a threat on the life of the president.

Wish they were this concerned during the Bush administration, but it was quite common for everything but physical assault to go on day after day.

Anonymous said...

I blame Bush.

Anonymous said...

You can bet your next pay check it was a group of White and Black Liberal cocksuckers who put this effigy up. Regular White folks just are not that clever. And most of them are busy just trying to survive in this shithole called AmeriKa.

Anonymous said...

LOL just LOL

Anonymous said...

Big wup! Remember how Reagan was villified?
What about all of the left-wing comedians scorching

Alec Baldwin called for the murder of Henry Hyde.

A movie was made called "The Assassinatiio of a President" where Bush was killed.

No outrage; it was called "art".

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Why is this news?

TICO said...

This is shamefull President Obama is the best we ever had and who ever did this should go to jail

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The knot is in the wrong place. Under the chin.
Will cause more pain and do more damage.

Too bad it wasnt the REAL Obama hangin there like a Mississippi Windchime.

Now come investigate ME motherfuckers.

Anonymous said...

We always heard he was hung.

Anonymous said...

Got my hopes up... Thought it was the real McCoy for a moment when I saw the photo.

Anonymous said...

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