Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Urgent Update from FOP 7 President Mike Shields

Update!!!  Attorney Court Date  Update!!!
ET Flisk's family is in the courtroom daily. Please make every effort to stop by and show your support for our fallen Officer and his family. 

While several members have stopped by to show support, we can definitely have a better showing on our side of the room. The defendant's side of the courtroom has been well represented.

The jury will return for day three of this trial at 10:30 am tomorrow, Thursday, Novbember 29, 2012. Please show your support by being there.

Timothy Herring Jr. is still awaiting trial for the murder of ET Michael Flisk. Attorney Sladjana Vuckovic, the lawyer from First Defense Legal Aid, is charged with allowing Herring to receive and make phone calls from Vuckovic's cell phone while Herring was in custody at Area 2. Vuckovic was representing Herring for free through the First Defense Legal Aid. Vuckovic's jury trial will commence tomorrow, November 27th, 2012 at 26th/Cal, room 402, before the Honorable Judge Evelyn Clay. Opening statements were expected to begin at 2:00 pm. Officers are welcome to appear.


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Mr. SouthSide said...

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