Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MORE ILLEGAL MEXICANS IN THE NEWS: Southwest Side cocaine crew member Jorge Uriarte — one of three brothers who prosecutors said worked for admitted drug kingpin Saul Rodriguez sentenced to 60 years

CHICAGO, IL (SANCTUARY CITY) - A member of a brutal Southwest Side cocaine crew that murdered rivals and teamed up with a corrupt cop was sentenced to 60 years in prison Tuesday. Jorge Uriarte — one of three brothers who prosecutors said worked for admitted drug kingpin Saul Rodriguez — was handed the sentence by federal Judge Joan Gotschall, almost a year after he was convicted on racketeering, gun and drug charges alongside five co-defendants.
The crew kidnapped, robbed and killed rivals as well as sold drugs. Former Chicago narcotics cop Glen Lewellen was part of their drug conspiracy, a jury found.
Uriarte is the third member of Rodriguez’s crew to be sentenced. His brother Hector and Lewellen are to be sentenced in January. Rodriguez, who pleaded guilty and testified against his former buddies to avoid the death penalty, faces 40 years behind bars under a plea deal.


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Glen is now in the CPD Hall of Shame.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that the Sun-Times made a big deal out of the "Southwest Side" angle, but made absolutely no mention that the criminals convicted lived in suburban Countryside, Oak Forest, Burr Ridge and Frankfort---a fact that was pointed out by the feds in their press release but ignored by the news media. Hmmm...

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torturing and killing people...and doing it WITH a Chicago Police Officer.

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